Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Grant & Jude's First Meeting!

Two weeks after Grant was born, our dear Granny Lou passed away.  She had such an influence on our lives, especially Wade's, as he grew from her boo boo boy into a man.  She was the ultimate Cajun granny and visiting her was ALWAYS a treat, guaranteed to include something delicious to eat and a discussion on how precious her grandbabies were.. :))  We will miss her so, so much and are praying that our children remember how much she adored them. We, again, were reminded how fragile life is and how knowing and loving Jesus are the only things that matter in this life.  Realizing how broken we are and understanding our need for a Savior is the key, the crux, the pivotal difference that changes our lives and our eternities. Thank you, Lord, for providing a way for us to to spend forever with You.
Your blood, your forgiveness, your grace... it's all we need.

We went to Granny's funeral and spent a day or so in Thibodaux with the family.  Here is Daddy giving Baby Grant a bath in the sink!

He wasn't crazy about it then...
but he has since learned to LOVE them!

Since we left immediately after Baby Jude's birth for Thibodaux, our two new babies had to wait a few days to meet each other! Here is the very first shot of our little men, born just 12 days apart.

Hahahahahaha!!  Our poor boys! 

This will be a fun one to show at their high school graduation. :)

All the BOYS!!!!!!!

Enjoying their first days of life together!

Unbelievably sweet!

Hezzy, 33 weeks pregnant, and Jase came in to meet their new nephews!
Our family is bursting at the seams...
with love.
with chaos.
with babies.

And it is so much fun to watch! :)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

F is for FIVE!!!!

Our precious twin babies turned 5 this summer!  They've come so far from the three pound babies they were... In the beginning, we watched them from behind the NICU glass. Now, we watch them prepare for kindergarten.  The time has flown by and somehow, at the same time, it feels like they have been here with us for forever. They are sunshine and giggles and sweetness.  They are Sadie Bug and Rylie Jean, the little baby girls that made me an aunt for the first time!

Callie and Andrew's sweet friendship makes me smile ALL the time.  They love each other so much already!

Getting ready to open their presents!!

Presents from Aunt Hezzy!  (Is it sad that today is a month after this picture and I only today got their birthday present??  Thankfully, they are 5 and not 15 and will forgive me. :))

I'll never forget getting the phone call on our honeymoon that the twins had been born!  I cried and Wade soothed and we flew back to Louisiana the next morning to meet our baby girls!  Thankfully, I've been here for every birthday since... and I hope I'm invited to them for the next 50. :))

Baby Grant - 3 weeks old!

Sadie says the caption for this one should say, "Baby Grant is thinking... 'What's going on?!?!?'"

One of Savannah and Andrew's most favorite thing in the world is to help Mommy and Daddy cook.  On this day, we worked together to make Reese's chocolate cookies for Daddy's work!!!

And every day since then, the kids have asked to make more cookies to send to Daddy's work! 
It's always nice that we get to sample a few of them, too. :)) 

Here we are, heading to church with our new baby brother!  (Sadly, Baby Grant was already in the car with Wade and I forgot to take a picture of him, ha!  #thirdchildproblems. I will try to do better from now on!)

Trying to get them to smile for the camera... and this happened.
And I loved it. :))

Hahaha, this face made me laugh!!  Here is Baby Grant at almost ONE MONTH OLD! 

Love this sweet life.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Happy Birthday, Jude William Sharbono!

On June 9, 2013, Jen came over for one last celebration before baby Jude's arrival!  She was going to the hospital at 8 the next morning and of course, I had to take pictures of all the moments leading up to Jude's big debut!

Last baby bump shot!!!!!!!!!! 

I love my Jenny!!

Everything went beautifully! Thank you, Jesus!!  Here are the three big sisters on their way to meet their new little BROTHER!!!!

Sooooooo excited to finally meet Baby Jude!

He's HERE!!!!!

The handsome little man!!!

My first time meeting Jude... my little Sharbono NEPHEW!!!!

It was LOVE at first sight!!

Pops and Jude!

Callie was such a little momma!  She loves being a big sister!

So sweet!!

Waiting patiently outside while the doctor tends to Mommy and baby brother!

Jude, Callie, Rylie, and Sadie.
The Sharbono babies... finally complete.

As a surprise to Nathan, Jen ordered a Crossfit Alexandria onesie for baby Jude to be brought home in... Here is Nathan opening his surprise!

He died!!!!! It was the coolest, most thoughtful gift!!

Nathan has a t-shirt just like this one, so they matched going home!  Absolutely perfect, Jenny girl! 

The nurse was so kind and offered to let the new big sisters help bathe their brother!

They did a fantastic job and were so proud!

7 lbs 14 oz.
21 inches long.
Absolute perfection.

We adored our new nephew from the moment we saw him!  We are so thankful for his sweet little life and look so forward to all the camp outs, fishing trips, and rough-housing adventures ahead...
We love you, Jude William Sharbono!
Welcome to the party!!!!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Surprise Baby Shower!

The first week of having Baby Grant at home was much better than I expected! He only slept about an an hour and a half to two hours at first, but slowly moved to 3 hours at a time... and he nursed wonderfully, for which I am so thankful! It was a sweet week of just holding him and loving him and talking about where all that red hair came from!!

Van and Brother are totally in love with their little brother!  They look for him first thing in the morning, want to be the one that gets to lay by him at naptime, and HAVE to give him kisses before they go to sleep! It's so sweet to see them loving on their new best friend!

The first of many pictures to come of MY BOYS!!!  :))

One week check-up!

Thankfully, everything looked great!!

After settling in at home, Grant had a few of his most favorite people come to visit!!  Here he is thinking and anticipating their arrival!!

Megan, Alyse, and Candace set up this precious, surprise baby shower for new baby, Grant!

The beautiful food::

 Look how cuuuute!

Megan's homemade treats!  They were SO delicious!

Candace made a wonderful Mexican chicken lasagna and Alyse made these adorable diaper babies!!
I absolutely LOVED them!

Present time!  What sweet, sweet best friends I have!  I love them each so, so much!

My beautiful Wadie with Landry Girl!

Landry loves her newest cousin!

Emmy Girllllll!!!!

Starting girl talks already!

Here is Jenny, one week before Jude's arrival!

Our favorite Auntie Alyse!

I think Brother has a little crush on the girl next door.. our neighbor, Kelli!  He runs out to meet her as soon as he sees her car pulling up and Kell eats it up!  They are such cute little friends!

Precious friends with our baby bears!


1 man, 6 ladies, and 8 kids with a baby on the way... we are a little out of control!  HA!

Love these baby girls!

Emmy baby!

Hahaha, this is one of my favorites!

Beautiful besties!!

Trying out the new Moby Wrap!

So many friends. So many babies. 
So much love all in a single picture!
A huge thank you to my amazing friends who add so much to my life...
I don't know how I ever lived without you!
I love each of you so, SO much.

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