Friday, August 2, 2013

A Sparkly Fourth of July!

On June 29, Baby Grant turned one month old!  He still nursed every 3 hours, enjoyed small amounts of tummy time, and slept the majority of the day!  He weighed in at 9 lbs 8 oz at his one month appointment and absolutely loves baths and being outside!  Most importantly, his eyelashes changed from blonde to brown and started growing and growing, framing his sweet baby blues. :))

Here is our little snuggle bear at one month!

The babies love going pick the ripe vegetables out of our garden every morning!!  Here is Savannah with our biggest crop yet!

Our street is booming.. There are dirt trucks, tractors, lumber trucks, and concrete trucks that are constantly going down our road, much to Brother's delight!  When I looked outside, he was laying down in the driveway on his tummy with his head in his hands, just watching the dump trucks go by. Such a sweet boy. :))
 Here he is, just watching and wondering when it will be his turn to ride on one of those!

Practicing his bench press!  ;)

What do you do when you have 3 brown bananas..??  Why, make banana bread, of course!
Here are my little helpers, sifting the flour!  (Sidenote:  Brother fell at the mall when he was running to his Mommy!!  He was so happy and so giggly.. which apparently took him off balance and his forehead met the brick ledge.  His little face of horror when he looked up at me was one I don't think I'll ever forget!  It was horribleeeee!  There was blood everywhere and thank the Lord, Daddy Nurse was there to the rescue!  We rushed him to Urgent Care where they glued and taped his little head back together..  and I'm happy to say, it has healed beautifully!  He was such a brave little man!  Even the doctor commented on how well Andrew handled himself with a bo-bo.  Practice makes perfect, I guess. ;)  An investment in a helmet, or better yet, a body bubble wrap suit, may be something worth looking in to.)

Preparing to put our Banana Nut Bread Loaf in the oven!

And 50 minutes later::

LUNCHHHHHH!!!!  Haha, just kidding. Kinda.

The following is our thrown-together-Fourth-of-July pictures!  If I had thought about it ahead of time, I would have loved to make the whole day a popping, crafting, star spangled time for the kids!  Instead, I made it up as we went along. ;)  Here we are at lunch with a star-shaped sandwich and star-shaped apple pieces...

Thanks to Auntie Meg, at least Grant had a 4th of July outfit! 
We were so happy he was here to celebrate this 2013 Fourth!

Little goofballs. :))

Precious husband worked on the 4th, but picked up a few sparklers and fireworks on his way home!  Isn't he just a little firecracker himself???  ;)  WHAT A LITTLE CUTIE!!!!!

Vannie loves all things sparkly... until the pump burned her pinkie and she was done, ha!

What is about fireworks that turn grown men into little boys??
Here is Wade and our neighbors blowing up a green tomato with a Black Cat.  The kids LOVED it... including Savannah and Andrew. ;)

I love living next to these sweet people who love our family so much!

Watching the fireworks that the people across the street were popping...
free shows are best. ;)

Kelli & Troy made these adorable kabobs... and they were wonderful!

Andrew plus sparklers equal a definitely bad idea.
Hahaha, but he looooved every minute of it!

Hoping you had a sweet Fourth with all your favorite little firecrackers!

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