Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Grant & Jude's First Meeting!

Two weeks after Grant was born, our dear Granny Lou passed away.  She had such an influence on our lives, especially Wade's, as he grew from her boo boo boy into a man.  She was the ultimate Cajun granny and visiting her was ALWAYS a treat, guaranteed to include something delicious to eat and a discussion on how precious her grandbabies were.. :))  We will miss her so, so much and are praying that our children remember how much she adored them. We, again, were reminded how fragile life is and how knowing and loving Jesus are the only things that matter in this life.  Realizing how broken we are and understanding our need for a Savior is the key, the crux, the pivotal difference that changes our lives and our eternities. Thank you, Lord, for providing a way for us to to spend forever with You.
Your blood, your forgiveness, your grace... it's all we need.

We went to Granny's funeral and spent a day or so in Thibodaux with the family.  Here is Daddy giving Baby Grant a bath in the sink!

He wasn't crazy about it then...
but he has since learned to LOVE them!

Since we left immediately after Baby Jude's birth for Thibodaux, our two new babies had to wait a few days to meet each other! Here is the very first shot of our little men, born just 12 days apart.

Hahahahahaha!!  Our poor boys! 

This will be a fun one to show at their high school graduation. :)

All the BOYS!!!!!!!

Enjoying their first days of life together!

Unbelievably sweet!

Hezzy, 33 weeks pregnant, and Jase came in to meet their new nephews!
Our family is bursting at the seams...
with love.
with chaos.
with babies.

And it is so much fun to watch! :)

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