Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Happy Birthday, Jude William Sharbono!

On June 9, 2013, Jen came over for one last celebration before baby Jude's arrival!  She was going to the hospital at 8 the next morning and of course, I had to take pictures of all the moments leading up to Jude's big debut!

Last baby bump shot!!!!!!!!!! 

I love my Jenny!!

Everything went beautifully! Thank you, Jesus!!  Here are the three big sisters on their way to meet their new little BROTHER!!!!

Sooooooo excited to finally meet Baby Jude!

He's HERE!!!!!

The handsome little man!!!

My first time meeting Jude... my little Sharbono NEPHEW!!!!

It was LOVE at first sight!!

Pops and Jude!

Callie was such a little momma!  She loves being a big sister!

So sweet!!

Waiting patiently outside while the doctor tends to Mommy and baby brother!

Jude, Callie, Rylie, and Sadie.
The Sharbono babies... finally complete.

As a surprise to Nathan, Jen ordered a Crossfit Alexandria onesie for baby Jude to be brought home in... Here is Nathan opening his surprise!

He died!!!!! It was the coolest, most thoughtful gift!!

Nathan has a t-shirt just like this one, so they matched going home!  Absolutely perfect, Jenny girl! 

The nurse was so kind and offered to let the new big sisters help bathe their brother!

They did a fantastic job and were so proud!

7 lbs 14 oz.
21 inches long.
Absolute perfection.

We adored our new nephew from the moment we saw him!  We are so thankful for his sweet little life and look so forward to all the camp outs, fishing trips, and rough-housing adventures ahead...
We love you, Jude William Sharbono!
Welcome to the party!!!!

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  1. Lis you are so beautiful! Landry clapped for all the pictures! It is her new favorite thing to do!


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