Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Welcome Home, Baby Grant!

We had a great hospital stay with baby Grant!  He nursed well, slept well, and Mom and Dad even got to watch a little tv!  Except for the whole recovery thing, it kinda felt like Wade and I were on vacation... only BETTER because we got to visit with lots of our sweet friends, too!!! :))
Here is Casey, Alan, and Landry!!  Grant and Landry will be in the same grade at the same school...and that makes both of their mommas very happy! :))

Grammie and Landry girl!!

Meggie and Emory came down from Shreveport to meet Grant!

I know, I know... whyyyy is Emory 12??!

Granmonty and Poppa meeting their newest great-grandson!

Shanny Baby came by, too!!!  

Emory and Grant are EXACTLY 4 months apart..
and Meg and I think that's a sign that they are meant to be!  ;))

Seeeee??? Emory and Grant think so, too!! Haa!!  
Love these babies! 

My precious friends who are ALWAYS there...

More sweet friends!! Here is our favorite Al & Heath!

The Thomas family...
who are expecting their own baby this Christmas!!!
We are sooooo excited for them and absolutely cannot wait!!!

Vannie stopped by to give baby Brother a squeeze!

Sadie, Rylie, and Callie's first time to meet Grant!

All they wanted to do was hold him!! They kept telling me how much they loved him and couldn't wait for their own baby brother!! So sweet!!

Only 12 days away from meeting Baby Jude!!!

Grant loves his Grammie!!

This is what happens when Wade finds a dry-erase marker... Hahahaa!!

On June 1, Big Brother Andrew and Big Sister Savannah came to take Baby Brother Grant home. 
Here we are being discharged by one of the MANY fantastic nurses at Rapides!  They were just phenomenal and I left wanting to be real-life friends with them all!! 

Of course, my precious Mom decorated the house for our homecoming!!  It's a family tradition and I can't wait to carry it on for my babies' babies!

Grammie's HOMEMADE cookie cake!!!  And it tasted just as delicious as it looks!!

My adorable door hanger from Megan!!!

Welcome to our world, Baby Grant.  We are so glad you are here!!

Oh!  And this was a sweet surprise from our garden when we got home...
our very first harvest of the summer!
I can't wait to see the plans the Lord has for this little boy unfold..
to watch him grow,
to see his personality develop,
to watch him learn about the One who created him, loved him, saved him.
 Today, though, I think I'll just snuggle with this little man who has my eyes and Wade's mouth and be thankful for right here, right now, this moment that will pass by so quickly..
Mommy loves you, Grant Austin Poole!  There is no one in the world like you and I'm so blessed.. because you are mine.


  1. Congrats on your baby boy! I don't update my blog much anymore,but I still follow yours and love being caught up on your little family! You and your family are precious!
    ~Katie (Schramm) Stiles


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