Friday, August 16, 2013

Here Fishy, Fishy!

Wade and Andrew decided to take a men's fishing trip and asked Nathan and Callie to join them at the camp in Toledo Bend! (Callie's not a man, but she is Andrew's best friend, so she passed. :))  It was a perfect little getaway for the guys and while we missed them at home, I can see lots more of these little trips in the future! 
Here is Brother "helping" Dad pack up!

Of course, he had to wear the t-shirt.

Wadie did such a good job documenting their trip!
Off they go!!!

Picking up the crickets...
it's fishing time!!!
Last picture before it was time to get down to business!

Heyyy fishy, fishy, fishy!!!
The ultimate Daddy/Daughter date! :))

Throwing him back so he can get big and we can eat him next summer. ;)

This one has to get framed. Too totally adorable.

Hahaa, Wadie knows me too well!  Of course I have to see what they ate!!!!  Looks delish!

The following morning, they headed straight for the pool!

And then it was time for a golf cart ride!

 Sliding at the State Park...

 Finally, they ended up at the beach:

Such sweet little friends!
I really hope they stay best friends forever..  it's so sweet and so endearing.

One last fishing excursion before heading home:

Andrew took this picture!!!  Maybe I should let him take over the blogging, too!  Ha! This is SO cute...  and what a catch!!! Both of them! ;)

Telling the fishy fishy's goodbye.

What a perfect picture to end the weekend...
I'm in love with these two.
Hook, line, and sinker.

Last Days of Summer

At the end of July, Grammie came into town and took Sadie and Rylie on an adventure like no other.  They went to buy school supplies for their VERY FIRST TIME!!!!!!!  They will be starting kindergarten this year and Jen and I continually ask ourselves how this can be?!  We have spent so many days together.. days filled with cold popsicles, splinters, Mommy and Me's at the mall, and story times at the library.  To think that the spontaneity of the days over the last 5 years will change to schedules, carpool lanes, and lunch lines is a little overwhelming for Mom and Aunt Lissie!  We know the girls will do wonderfully, though, and we are already planning out their welcome-home-from-your-first-day-of-school snacks.  :)) I'm so thankful for these two and how I've been able to watch them become the independent little women they are now.

Showing everyone all their new supplies!

They were so proud to explain what everything was while they organized and situated it all. :))

The teacher in me is SO EXCITED about this!  Even the smells of the fresh crayons and markers make me so happy.. I am so looking forward to celebrating this whole new school year with the twins!
 August 28th will be the girls' first day of kindergarten!  How can I want it to stay away and hurry up all at the same time?! Ahhhhh!

While the days are burning hot, the evenings are actually nice enough to go outside and play in the hose, throw corn in the ditch (they did this yesterday... what a nice surprise this will make for our neighbors!), and play with Coco Chanel's kittens.  I know, I know.  She is only like 6 months old!  A stinking yellow tomcat showed up and now we have 4 baby kittens... grrrr.  We will be getting her fixed asap, but meanwhile, we have a few extra playmates hanging out. The kids have appropriately named them as well... Brother named two of them Blue and Pancake, while Savannah named the other two Chicken and Lady. 

Blue.Pancake.Chicken.Lady.  All free to good home. ;)

Everyone knows of my love for the library!  This summer the library held the Summer Reading Program, where kids are asked to read as many books as they can and keep a record of them all!  They earn incentives as they attempt to reach the goal of reading 100 books in 2 months... and guess who read 104?!?!?!?!?!?!   Meeeee!!!  Haha, aaaaand Van and Brother! ;))
Here we are at the Library Awards Ceremony with Arthur!!!
Here is Brother gettting his medal!

And Savannah's turn!

Because they went over the goal of 100 books, they received a special bag full of suprises!  #overachievers  #theygetithonest :))
(And what a precious daddy they have who cares enough about them to care about summer reading awards...  It's in moments like this when you are just SO proud.  When you know that you're beaming, but that if you try to stop the smile, you may just burst.  Because God is TOO good to give you a man like that.))

So excited about her medal!  She is already a bookworm and that's saying something... since she doesn't know how to read!  Ha! She loves to just sit and flip through books, look at the pictures, and make up stories as she goes along.  Such a smartie, this one.

I think they wore their medals for the entire day. :))
Love these two bunchkins.
Baby Grant and Baby Jude needed a picture in here!!!!  Here our the babies at almost 2 months!

So thankful for all the Lord has done this summer and eagerly awaiting all the changes that are coming!  Specifically seeing all those 100 degree days slide down into the 70s. ;)  Love you all!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Trip to Ft. Worth... and the ER!

At the end of July, Wade and I spontaneously decided to make a little trip to Ft. Worth to see Heather and Jason before Baby Kate arrived!  We packed up and 3 hours later, we were on the road to Texas! The best part??  We didn't tell Heather and Jason! We knew Jason would be preaching at their church the next morning, so we decided to get in late Saturday night and surprise them at church the following morning!  We were ALL soooo excited!

Church started at 10:30 AM.  After having a little trouble finding their church, we walked in at 10:29.  Heather was sitting on the very front row and Jase was getting ready to begin the service...  We quietly walked up to the front, I slid in next to Heather, and said, "Excuse me... Can we sit here??"  Her jaw dropped and eyes got huge as she whispered, "AHHHHHHH!!!!  What are y'all doing here?!?!?!??!!?!?!?' Hahah, it was SO wonderful!  We sat together for the service and the second it was over, we went to shrieking and squealing as Brinker women do. :)) Meanwhile, Van and Brother met a new friend, Caleb!  He followed Van all around the church and it was the funniest thing to see!  She didn't pay him any mind, but he was clearly captivated..

There is something SO special about surprises, road trips, and being with family. 
 It makes it beyond worth every mile travelled, every pit stop, every crying baby, every smelly Texan. ;)

Heather truly outdid herself when cooking for us that week!  Here are her meatball sliders... the recipe is from Pioneer Woman and it was one of my most favorite sandwiches everrrrr.  Other meals she made included chicken and dumplings, raspberry sorbet, blueberry cobbler, homemade limeade, etc... it was wonderful and always so delicious!

Hezzy practicing how to bathe a baby with Baby Grant!!! Such a sweet memory!

On Monday, Wade and I were walking out the door to do some grocery shopping when Savannah flipped a barstool over and it sliced through her second toe.  She screamed, blood poured everywhere, and we flew into the car to bring her to the ER.  There is little that is more nerve-wracking than being in an unfamiliar place, desperately trying to find a hospital on the iPhone and the directions there..while driving.  I held Savannah in my lap, holding her toe, while Wade navigated our way around Ft. Worth.  I prayed SO hard and didn't stop until we were pulling up to the ER, where I raced in and they took us immediately to the back.  After 3 hours of traumatizing screams, panicked crying, morphine shots, and x-rays, we headed home with a glued together toe that was deeply cut, but not irrepairable, for which we were tremendously grateful.
Here's our girl with a chicken one of the nurses made... It never left Van's side!  Well, until Brother took a bite out of it. But it really did make Savan smile, and at that moment, we would have done just about anything to see that.

We survived the night and the rest of the trip was absolutely delightful!

We went grocery shopping, ran by Charming Charlie's (my favorite!!!!), and ran by Half-Price books where the kids stocked up. :))
It's always such a treat to be with Hez and Jase.  We always love every minute with them!

Peace out, y'all!

Andrew called Kate, "Baby Cake," the whole time we were there and it's kind of our most favorite thing. :))  See you so, so soon Baby Cake!

Since we went to Ft. Worth to be a help and really only brought chaos those first 2 days, we tried to make it up to them! Wade made an incredible steak dinner with roasted vegetables and it.was.heavenly.  I forgot to take a picture beforehand, so all ya get is the leftovers. :))

Hurry, hurry, Baby Kate!!
The next time we go to Ft. Worth, it will be to meet you!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 5, 2013

A Louisiana Saturday Night..

... with the cutey-est cousins around!
Baby Grant and Baby Jude!

9 weeks and 7 weeks old!

And just one more to make you smile. :))

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