Friday, August 16, 2013

Here Fishy, Fishy!

Wade and Andrew decided to take a men's fishing trip and asked Nathan and Callie to join them at the camp in Toledo Bend! (Callie's not a man, but she is Andrew's best friend, so she passed. :))  It was a perfect little getaway for the guys and while we missed them at home, I can see lots more of these little trips in the future! 
Here is Brother "helping" Dad pack up!

Of course, he had to wear the t-shirt.

Wadie did such a good job documenting their trip!
Off they go!!!

Picking up the crickets...
it's fishing time!!!
Last picture before it was time to get down to business!

Heyyy fishy, fishy, fishy!!!
The ultimate Daddy/Daughter date! :))

Throwing him back so he can get big and we can eat him next summer. ;)

This one has to get framed. Too totally adorable.

Hahaa, Wadie knows me too well!  Of course I have to see what they ate!!!!  Looks delish!

The following morning, they headed straight for the pool!

And then it was time for a golf cart ride!

 Sliding at the State Park...

 Finally, they ended up at the beach:

Such sweet little friends!
I really hope they stay best friends forever..  it's so sweet and so endearing.

One last fishing excursion before heading home:

Andrew took this picture!!!  Maybe I should let him take over the blogging, too!  Ha! This is SO cute...  and what a catch!!! Both of them! ;)

Telling the fishy fishy's goodbye.

What a perfect picture to end the weekend...
I'm in love with these two.
Hook, line, and sinker.


  1. Aghhhhhh!!!!! Soooo stinken adorable!!! What sweet sweet memories and great daddys!

    If there was an award for the cutest blog page ever, this would be it. Unreal. SO SO SO cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All love to our dear Jesus who gives us so many blessings!

    Love, MOM


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