Monday, September 30, 2013

Down on the Farm - Part 2

The day before we met up in Indiana with the Brinker brothers, we spent the day out at the farm.  Here we are with Grandpa, enjoying every moment we got to spend sitting and talking with him!

We love our Paw Paw Fred!

Playing hide-and-go-seek in the hay!

Sitting at the top of the barn!  Grammie said she used to sit up here and watch the thunderstorms roll in as a young girl..  doesn't that just sound heavenly?!

My little farm boy, just looking like a man!!

Grant and Jude mostly just laid under the trees and snoozed in the shade for their first trip to the farm.. which was totally fine with their moms. ;)

Country babies.

Here's where Grammie carved her name into the wood
and it's one of my favorite places on the farm!  

The only way to make this day just a little more perfect was to add watermelon to it.

Baby Grant at 3 months old!

Playing Grandpa's piano..

Fresh flowers picked just for Mom. 

Sadie filled Grandpa's front pocket with flowers!

Here is Grammie and Pops showing everyone the spot they were standing when they met for the first time...  Mom was mowing the grass and Dad had just pulled up in the car..

And we're all here now because they fell in love.
Thank you, Jesus, for a perfect, perfect plan!

A few more farm scenes:

When you're down on the farm, you make up games to pass the time.  Wade created this one::
How hard is it to sit a few feet from a large mason jar and throw corn kernels into the jar??

Apparently, VERY hard. 

Grant got a sunburn!!!  #worstmomever :((

Visiting Grandma's gravesite and wishing she were here..

Jen read on a Food Network app that a chef said that the best ribs he had ever eaten in his life were at 17th Street Barbeque.  In Marion, IL.  What were the odds?!?!  Of course, we had to go!

We got the Family Platter so that we could try all of their meats..
brisket, ribs, chicken, pork.  And every bite was unbelieveable.  Even the sauce was supreme!  If you're ever near, you. must. try. it.

And duh, we had to buy the cookbook.  Which includes this amazing coleslaw.  And I don't even like coleslaw.

Best meal everrrrrr.

Our little piggies at 17th St BBQ.

Sadly, it was time to say goodbye to Grandpa.  After a glorious day on the farm, it was time to pack up and head on to Indiana.

Grandpa with his oldest great-grandbabies!

So thankful for Paw Paw Fred.  Thankful for the sweet memories he made with us as children, thankful for the Christ-filled legacy he leaves for us, thankful for the gift of his baby girl..
my precious mom.

The ride to Indiana was not nearly as fun as the long journey the day before.  They boys were very sad the whole drive and Andrew woke up 20 minutes before our arrival and all I'll say about that is THANK GOD FOR IPHONES!  They are little miracle workers. ;)

We drove to Evansville and right into the party!
The Brinker brothers were there and we had such a great time just being together and catching up..
but that's for Part 3.  ;) 


  1. Ahhhh, how neat that y'all were all there where your mom and dad first met!! I bet that was surreal for your grandpa!! And Andrew with the shades on top of his head posing...just stop it. Little man!!

  2. Oh, Melissa, you have done a fabulous job! The farm was such a wonderful place to grow up and I am so thankful to my mom and dad who raised us to love Jesus and to love one another. Such precious memories!!

    Love, MOM


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