Monday, September 23, 2013

Emory Comes to Play!

 Our Shreveport beauty came down for the day to play! We alwayssss have such a fun time and I'm always devastated when they have to head home. Emory really is a doll baby, beautiful and so happy! She is a joy and I am so enjoying watching her grow up!
Here she is at 7 months old!

Hahaa, that face!!  How adorable is that face?!

I love how much my babies love Emmy baby..
they watch the road for her when they know she's close!
Brother, is that a hug or a death grip?!  Haa!!

Emory, you look like you're mom in this one!!
She liked playing with the real-live baby doll..
also known as Grant:

Mom, he's squishy!!!!!

Here is Auntie Shan, getting her baby fever fix with Emmy...
We can't wait for her to have her own! 
I love my littliest baby bunny!!  Emmyyyy, hurry up and come back!

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  1. YAY for play time!! We miss y'all! It's been TOO LONG!!!


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