Friday, September 13, 2013

Happy Birthdayyyyyyy!

At midnight on August 1, I sent out a text to everyone in my family that read, "Happy birthday month to MEEEE!!"  Birthdays are such a big deal and I love celebrating them for weeks and milking them for all it's worth!!  Grant has a dirty diaper..??  But it's my birthday month!  The house is a mess, kids need baths, laundry needs to be  washed and put up..??  But it's my birthday month!  I want need bookshelves, a fence, a patio, an Ipad and curtains...??  Oh, I'm so glad it's my birthday month!!!  :))

On my actual birth DAY, Jenny cooked a wonderful dinner for me! Thankfully, Casey was there with her amazing camera and sweet friend that she is, took all of these awesome pictures AND uploaded them onto here for me!  Thank you, Case!!  You put my camera pictures to shame!!

Turning 27! :))
A caramel cake with Heath bar bites on top!  Fabulous!

Here is Jenny, slaving away!

 The beautiful spread!

My two favorite 2 year olds! :))

 Sweet Rylie!

 Jen and her little helpers putting the candles in the cake!

Blowing out the bonfire on top of the cake...  ;)

The first birthday Wade and I celebrated together was when I turned 14.  He gave me a giant stuffed bunny rabbit and I named hime Paw (Wade's initials spelled backwards.)  Paw currently lives under Van's bed... but occasionally we will pull him out and remember how it all started.
13 years later to the day:

Love that lovely man.

On top of cooking a feast, Jen bought a subscription to Paula's magazine as well as lots of new, fresh, matching kitchen supplies for me!!!  Thank youuuu, Jennyyyyy!!  You keep me cute while I'm cooking. :))  I love youuu!!

Nathan and Brittany Furlow also joined the party with their newest addition, Piper!!!  Isn't she precious?!?!  And looks so much like our new Baby Kate!

 Sweet Baby Jude is 2 months and 1 week old!

Heyyyy Baby Grant!!!  


Casey got some wonderful pictures of the girls working off dinner::

Preaching the gospel...  right, Grammie?? ;)

 These two will come mow your field and light up your life for a nominal fee. ;)
You know what they say about a full moon...
All the crazies come out!!
No wonder it was the day I was born.  :))
THANK YOU SO MUCH, CASEY!!!!  I appreciate you taking and documenting my 27th birthday!  Same time, same place, next year??  :))

I am so thankful to the Lord for all that He has done in my short 27 years..  My family and friends are the sweetest blessings, Wade is the one that makes my heart whole, and my children are the greatest joys and rewards of my life.  I simply could not ask for more.. Thank you, Father.
  Happy Birthday month to me. :))

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  1. Awe Lis, I had fun taking them!!!! I am thankful you were born those 27 years ago!!!!!


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