Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hot Summer

Thanks to my sweet in-laws, I now have a new and improved camera to take pictures with and post on the blog!  Taking good pictues is HARD work.. I've never realized how hard!  I was playing with it and learning how to use it for these pictures..  as you will probably be able to tell.  They aren't the best, but I'm learning!  :))
This picture just looks cool.  As in temperature wise.  As in nice to look at it and remember that it  won't always be 100 degrees outside.

However, what do you do with a house full of kids on these hot, hot summer days while we all wait for fall to arrive??

Find a kid with a birthday coming up and get a waterslide put up for the weekend!!!!!

Whoooo hoooooo, it's waterrrrr time!!!

My Vannie bucket baby ready to play!

Rylie Jean on one of her last weekends before school starts!
Cutie little Callie!

This slide = most.fun.thing.ever.

Van had so much fun, it gave her a black eye!  This is our battle wound from Day 1 of Fun!  But did Vannie cry??  Well, yeah, she did, but she was ready to head out the next morning anyways!

Looking so cute, black eye and everything! :))

I said to be silly.. and this is what I got. Ha!!

Hahahaha, Brother!!!!  By day 2, the kids had already figured out how to inflate the slide and start the water themselves.

Let's get this party started!

These babies make the hot summer a blast...
especially when they have little friends who have fun parents who get them waterslides.

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