Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sadie and Rylie's School Celebration!!

It was here.  The time had come.  August 27, 2013.
This was the night before the morning when Sadie and Rylie would hear, "Wake up! It's time for school!" for the first time.  Ahhhh!!  Of course, our family had to celebrate this very important 'first'...
 and thus, we began the tradition of "Night-Before-First-Day-of-School Dinner."

Salad, sweet potatoes, grilled corn, cornbread, and grilled chicken, sausage, and pork chops! Delish!!!

After a wonderful meal together, we prayed over the girls and told them it was time for bed.
What a bittersweet moment.. life as we knew it would never be the same.  It was time.. Time for school schedules, car pick-up lanes, lunch money, and homework.

5 years ago, they were just coming home!  How could time have passed so quickly??

Of course, they couldn't go to bed without hugs and kisses from Aunt Lissie, Uncle Wade, Vannie, Brother, and Baby Grant!

Our two baby boys!

Sister and her baby brother..

Thanks to Pinterest, both girls had an adorable prize to bring to their teacher on their first  third day of school. 
The mason jar/mug is filled with Snickers and Almond Joys with a tag that read, "To a Year Full of Snickers and Joy!"

The other mason jar is filled with Iced Apple Cookies with a tag that reads, "We will be Two Smart Cookies with You as our Teacher!"  Sooo fuuuuun!!

August 28 - The girls woke up excited and ready to get to school!  Here they are, showing everyone their lunch sacks and all the goodies inside!

Another tradition that began this year:
Mom's Tea Ring for breakfast on the first day of school! What a treat!


Nanny, Grammie, and Pops were all there to pray over the girls on their first morning!

Digging into Grammie's famous Tea Ring!

Time to get dressed!!!!!

Dressed and ready to go!!!

Bloom and grow, sweet girls.
Bloom and grow!

So thankful they had each other on this momentous day!
Such a sweet family!

Telling everyone goodbye...  it's time to GO!

"Okay, girls!  Let's load up in the car!"

Hahahaha, here is Sadie's face upon arriving at school...
It looks like she's half excited/half concerned.  Haha, I think it's the perfect expression for a first-day-of-school face!

Walking the girls in...

I can't wait to take their picture here in May and see just how much they've changed!  They look so big here... and like babies.. all at the same time!

Turning the corner towards their classroom..

Finding their teacher and where they will line up for the rest of the year!

Our little women...

Goodbye, girls!!!  May Jesus be with you!

I love this shot!!  The parents of kindergartners..  just laughing to keep from crying. :))

Those 7 hours were the longestttttt 7 hourssss everrrrrr.  We talked and hung out for awhile together... cleaned house and were amazed at how quiet it seemed.  Finally, it was 2:45 and time to pick up the school girls!!  Jen and Nathan arrived home shortly after, carrying these 2 happy faces!!!
No more concerned looks... Sadie and Rylie were all smiles!

So happy they were finally home!

The house was decorated...

...and fresh chocolate chip cookies and milk were waiting!

They both had such a wonderful day... and we couldn't wait to hear every detail!

Even Aunt Heather got to see and hear all about the girls' day!
Hooray!!! We love notes home from the teacher, especially when they look like this one!
  P.S..  Sadie had a note, too.  I just forgot to take a picture of it!

Big cookie for a big girl!

I think they were happiest to get home and see Baby Jude!
They had missed him SO much!

The cute parents...
reading up on the girls' first-day-of-school papers! 
Welcome to the next 12 years of your life, Mom and Dad!! ;))
Funny story:
When the girls got home, we asked them a million times what all they had done that day. When Nathan asked Sadie what she had done,  her reply was, "I met a boy."  Nathan said, "A boy?!"  And Sadie answered, "Ha,  yeah! 4 boys!"  Hahahah!  And so it begins...
Sadie & Rylie - We love you and are so proud of you!!!  We look so forward to all of your school years ahead and hope that you always have a wonderful first day like you did today!  We are praying that you always leave with the full armor of God on and have His shield of protection surrounding you as you learn and meet new people. Tell all your friends about Jesus and know that Mom and Dad are praying for you the entire time you are in school. 
Learn. Grow. Develop.
Cookies will be waiting when you get home.


  1. Melissa, your posts always make me tear up! The spirit of love and family is so strong in your posts!! The photo of your family around the breakfast table praying for the girls is exactly what life is all about! It is truly inspiring to see such love and support!

  2. This is too precious for words!! I still can't believe they are in school!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!! I'm so proud of you for taking so many pictures! Must be that fancy new camera!!


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