Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sunday Morning Loving

So Sunday mornings can be the toughest because Wade has to work two out of four Sundays... which means I get all three kids up, dressed, fed, and in the car by myself.  Usually I find the challenge overwhelming, but sometimes I feel like supermom when everything goes smoothly and I actually get to church on time!  And even more rarely, I have a few extra minutes to spare and I get to take a few early Sunday morning pictures. 
 Like this one of my two boys:

Ohhh heyyyy Baby Grant! 

3 months old!!

Ha, yuuum.

Dressed.. and actually matched!  Mommy loves the matchy matchy!

My little lady! 

The big man!

And the little man:
Here we are at church with two of our friends, Cohen and Evangeline!

And of course, as soon as we get home, the clothes come off and we lay low for the rest of the day...

 It's chaos and sometimes we are 20 minutes late to church and I absolutely canNOT wait for Wade to be off every Sunday with us..
but I never feel quite as accomplished as I do when I get home from church and breath out and think...
What??! Did I just do that??
Why, yes.  Yes, I did.

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