Saturday, October 19, 2013

4 Months Old

I can't remember if I made a 2 and 3 month post for Grant.. #thirdchildproblems
Buuut here is Grant's 4 month old blog post!  He has learned how to smile, how to laugh, and how to make my day by doing both. I have seen him roll over a few times, but usually I just find him already turned over. He is becoming so much more interactive.. which makes days with him so interesting and so fun!  He has found his feet, enjoys sucking his thumb (which I pull out, but it really is so dang cute!), and is currently learning how to reach for toys and hold onto them.  We've tried rice cereal and he did as well as a 4 month old can!  Ha!  It was a mess, but it brought back a lot of memories of feeding his older brother and sister!  I'm looking forward to letting him try new foods..  it's always fun to see their facial expressions when they learn that the world has more to offer than just milk.
This is one sweet little man!

Of course, Brother needed a shot of himself at 32 months old. 

My three babies!

Savannah is learning how to write her name, loves puzzles and books, and has 6 Bible verses memorized!  We're working our way through the alphabet, where each letter starts off a new verse.  I'm using Susan Hunt's book, "My ABC Bible Verses" and I couldn't recommend it more highly!  Savannah has learned so much so quickly, Brother is even picking some of it up, and it has been so easy for me to memorize the verses, too, as I teach them the kids!  It's wonderful!

Brother Bear is as wild as they come.  He epitomizes the word, "boy!"  He is rough and tumble, loves playing with trucks and tractors, and can always find room for a little more chocolate cake.  Nothing makes him happier than playing outside, whether he is working with Daddy in the yard, tromping through the puddles, or throwing balls into our neighbor's yard.
I'm guessing we were imitating Jimmie James, the Wall Pirate, in the above picture. ;)
Ahoy, mateys! It's a swell life.

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