Saturday, October 19, 2013

Cuttin' Up. ;)

So Van cut her hair.  Herself.  Outside with Sadie. AHHH!  Thankfully, it was one section in the front and she cut it off at her chin, not her scalp.  I'll count my blessings on that one.  When I asked her why she did it, she said it was because Daddy, Mommy, and Brother had all had haircuts, but she hadn't ever been to a store to have one.  Ouchhhh...  that was one of those "I'm such a bad mom!" moments. :((  Soooo, I decided then and there that, although it would cost money I didn't want to spend and her hair really did look fine, Vannie baby was getting herself a haircut.  From a professional.
The night before, here is Andrew with his puppy... buckled in and ready to go. ;)

The next morning, we headed to Fantastic Sams.  Fancy, I know... but that's the best I could do while Daddy was grocery shopping at Super One next door, ha!!

Little man got himself a trim as well!
Don't let that face fool you... she was LOVING it!

All done!!!

Once we got home, I had Van take down her hair so we could get some shots of her FIRST professional haircut!!


I know, I know... not much different.  But that smile right there and her excitement was worth that $12 haircut. Oh.  And a $5.00 tip.  Hmmmm.  I may not be so bad after all. ;)

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