Thursday, October 10, 2013

Down on the Farm - Part 3

On Sunday morning, we woke up in Evansville, Indiana!
  We all got dressed and headed to our very first Mass service!  

Here are the babies, ready to go!  And Savannah is telling Uncle Honk to "Get that smoke out of your mouth!"  Haa!
Afterwards, we headed to Pops's childhood home to meet up with his brothers.
I bet you didn't know we were related to SANTA CLAUS!!!!  :))
We know him as "Uncle Brad."

Sweet Aunt Lisa... who is also a children's book author! Soooo neat!
And look at Baby Jude's little smile!!!  Precious!!!

Sooo sweeeet!!

Wade's second trip to Evansville..
it's always a party when Wadie's there!

Beautiful Sadie!

Uncle Mike throwing a football with Andrew and Sadie!  What a fun memory!

The kids loved playing with Abby Brinker...  ;)

One favorite childhood memory is walking to the orchard with Grandma Brinker..  so of course, it had to be a part of our family reunion.  It was a literal walk down memory lane..

Hahahahaha, this makes me laugh out loud!!  Andrew's sneaky face, the guilty water gun, Callie's expression of outrage.  Hahaha, no explanation needed.

On our way up, we stopped to see the neighborhood donkey and horses.

As time has a way of doing, the orchard had changed from a place of 10 cent peppermint sticks and fresh apples to broken windows and locked doors. 

We enjoyed telling the kids all about our summer memories here, but it's hard to share an experience simply through words. Sometimes, you just had to have been there.  I'm thankful for our precious Grandma who gave us the change out of her pockets to be sure we all could buy a sweet, sticky treat.  Every visit.  Every summer.  I don't think any of us will ever forget it.

On the way back to the house, Brother found a parked 18-wheeler.  I couldn't find him for a second and I called out, "Andrew!!"  It was quiet for a little while, and then suddenly all the cousins started laughing.. they had found Andrew. :)) And it was so cute, I had to catch a picture!  (And then I fussed him for playing under an 18-wheeler, ha!)

Sneaky little hambone.

All too soon, it was time to say good-bye.  We had such a wonderful time and are so thankful for our sweet, sweet family.  Because we live hours and hours apart, finally getting to be together is always a cherished time.

Riding off into the sunset..
back to Louisiana!

On September 2, Callie turned 3.  As we passed through Jackson, MS, we stopped at Cracker Barrel and had a smally family celebration for our Callalilly.

Yummy chocolate cake!

Happy, happy birthday to our darling, darling girl!

With her giant blue eyes, giant chubby cheeks, and giant perfect lips, she is so fun to love on.. especially with her giant spunky personality!

Cal gets the first bite!!!!!!!!  

We love our little Callie Girl!  Thank you for always being so much fun, a burst of sunshine, a smiling, joyful heart. 

Even the flowers seemed to bloom a little brighter for our Callie.

What a fabulous trip.  Our family is so blessed to have each other and it was wonderful getting to spend the weekend with everyone! It's rare that family reunions happen, so what a treat it was to have everyone come together and spend just a few hours together.  Celebrating Cal's birthday was just the icing on the cake.  The icing on a 24-hours-on-the-road-with-7-babies cake.  :)

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