Saturday, October 19, 2013

Toledo Bend Time - 2!

Good morning, sunshine!!!  Saturday morning, we woke up all together in Toledo Bend and got ready for a day of hiking trails, riding the golf cart, fishing off the dock and frying shrimp, fish, and fries (say that three times fast! Ha!!) for dinner!
Pops with his Baby Kate:

 Out on a walk through the Prayer Garden!

Hiking some trails..

..and reaching the outlook point!

Grammie and Pops with all the grandbabies... minus our Carson, Gavin, and Luke!


Brother stole Uncle Jase's walking stick!

We then went out to the pier where all the kids got to stick their feet in the lake! How fun!
Here's Rylie:





Wading in!!

Baby Grant, however, stayed in the cabin, watched a little football, and drifted off to sleep just like this..
such a man! ;)

Must have been a good game! ;)

After a nap, we headed to the pool for Grant and Kate's first time to swim!

It was a little cold for Baby Kate!

You know how much Grammie loves her little kitties!!

Since Jason is allergic to cats, he told Heather that this was the closest she was going to get to owning a cat! Hahaa!!
Heading to the dock before the sun set!

And look at what Wadie had ready for us when we got there!

Can you see Callie's fish on the ground?!

Holding her fish in her hand.. what a brave girl!

The boys fished..

...while I snapped pics. ;)

Hezzy's turn!

Look at what Jason caught!!  A catfish!!!

And right before we left, Heather caught a fish!!!!

Cute little family, fish and all!

Callie loves her littlest cousin!
To be continued. ;)


  1. Great job Lis! Can't wait to see you guys!

  2. Great job Lis! Can't wait to see you guys!


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