Saturday, October 19, 2013

Toledo Bend Time 3!

On Sunday morning, Heather and Jason prepared to head home from Toledo Bend, but before they did, we took this picture of 9 of the 11 Brinker grandkids! #blessingoverload

The three newest babies!
Cutie Callie!

Meggie and Emory drove down to spend the day with us!  Here is Emory, looking beautiful as always!

She and Baby Brother got to spend some time playing together!

Sneaking Grant's paci!  Hahaa!!

Sweet Mommy with her baby!

The weather was cool, the sky was blue, the waves were crashing quickly on the shore... what a wonderful day!

Another one of my favorite pictures from the weekend!

That night, Wade and I took our kids and walked down to the pier to watch the sun set over Texas.

Seriously??  Could a sun set any more spectacularly??

Heading back inside, to what we thought would be a relaxing evening together..

Sadly, it turned into a night of coughing, congestion, and fever for Savannah and we spent the night comforting her. :((  Needless to say, Baby Grant came down with the same infection a few days later.. probably because of THIS picture! :/ Ahh!

Monday morning, we took one last stroll around the resort before heading home.

Meg, only you know how disastrous this really is!!!!! Hahaha!!!  Near death experience on the golf cart??  Yes, please! ;)  But isn't he the cutest??

Gotta love those selfie pics.

Until next time, Toledo Bend!  We will be back! :))

And a few days later, I made homemade bread.  Doesn't fit with this post, but I didn't want to write up a post with just these two pictures!! Anyways, I was super proud!!

They aren't Jen's or my mom's rolls yet, but I'll keep practicing!!  And you can bet that when I do make them that light and fluffy, they will DEFINITELY be getting a post of their own.  ;)

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