Saturday, October 19, 2013

Toledo Bend Time!

During the first weekend of October, Grammie and Pops, the Sharbonos, the Kees, and our Poole party all met up at the camp in Toledo Bend!  It was like a mini-vacation, a greatly needed weekend getaway to just sit, relax, take in the sunsets, and spend quality time being together. (Again, I'm super disappointed in how blurry a lot of these pictures are, but I've learned a good lesson with the camera!  AV Mode is not good for daily use.  Got it.)
Here is Grammie and Jen, excited about our fun weekend plans!
Funny story:  Wade and I bought Jen a Le Creuset pot for her 32nd birthday, but I'm known for giving presents late and this time was no exception.  Her birthday had passed 3 weeks ago, but we decided to give Jen her pot at the camp.  Since Wade and I arrived first, we hid the pot in the cabinet with a hidden note inside that read, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JENNY!"  Once Jen and her family got there and we got ready for dinner, Wade asked Jen to get the red cast iron pot out and make some rice for the gumbo.  Jen pulls out the pot and says, "Seriously?!  The camp has a Le Creuset pot?!  Are you kidding me right now??  Is this really my birthday present and y'all were just going to surprise me with it??"
At that moment, I had the camera out and snapped this:
She opened the lid and read the card!
Happy Birthday, Jenny!!!!!!

Of course, I about died because her discovery of the pot and realizing it was hers was just so perfect!  We all started shrieking and squealing and laughing and just totally freaking out. :))
Hahahahaha, YAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!! I think she likes it!

This was such a fun moment of the trip!  Jenny does so much for us and for so many others, we just had to show her a little appreciation! Now we are looking forward to lots of meals made in that pot! :))

All the kids then got to do something they rarely get to do at home..  get in their big bed and watch cartoons!  What a treat! And what cute little snuggle bunnies!

At about 10 pm, our newest little baby showed up with her mommy and daddy!

We totally cut her cord, no worries. ;)
We were so glad Hez and Jase were able to make it!  Kurt and Mandy - we missed y'all more than you know!!!  Maybe next time????????

Hahaha, love these faces!


Sooo sweet!!!!  Our Baby Kate was almost 2 months old here!

Grant Austin had just turned 4 months!

Hahahahahaha, one of my most favorite pictures from the weekend!!!!

Hot Momma!!
And after this, we broke out the chocolate cake and cups of coffee, put the kids to bed, and talked long into the night. Just us. In our jammies. And that, folks, is like a tiny slice of heaven.
 Day 2 - Coming soon. :)

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  1. This is such a sweet post! I laughed out loud a few times! I can't wait for part two!


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