Thursday, November 21, 2013

5 Months

Heyyyyy Baby Grant! My sweet hambone is starting to show off his little personality!  He is such a relaxed baby and adores his sister and brother!  He doesn't love rice cereal.. but can suck down a banana like nobody's business.   He sat up for a few minutes one night, out of the blue, and we've been working out his roly-poly bottom since!

Such a happy baby!

We love our baby brother!

Here's a little Baby Grant overload::

My favorite. :))

Because I can't resist a baby with a paci.

Baby bear working on his bear crawl.
Love my little man and am so thankful for these past 5 months of getting to know him, getting to snuggle him, getting to shower him in love, kisses, and prayers.  Happy 5 months, Baby Grant.

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