Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Boo-tiful Halloween!

We started our Halloween 2013 by having a pumpkin-carving night...  and really, is there any other way to start??  Here are our 2 baby boys at their first Halloween!

We love getting to watch these two growing up together!

Scooping out the yuck inside:

Everyone worked so hard! Except maybe Brother.. ;)

Wadie's masterpiece!

Wadie & Sadie!


So I won a pumpkin carving contest once. And I tried to recreate it.  This one's not so hot, but it was nice to get to rub my winning pumpkin story in Jen's face yet another year.  :))

Those are eyelashes, not a unibrow.

All our precious pumpkins!

Here they are, all lit up!





And Andrew, ha!



Happy Halloween 2013!

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