Thursday, November 28, 2013

Buckeye Elementary Carnival!

At the beginning of November, Sadie and Rylie had their first school fundraising event!  We all loaded up, headed over to their little school, and found this waiting in the school yard:
Greatest. Surprise. EVER! 

The kids were amazed!!  As were the adults, ha!

Gumbo dinner before joining the frenzy!

3 grafitti artists!

Looking like some rockstars! ;)

Face painting time!

Cousins AND best friends:
And Andrew's squinty face.. ha!

Ready to take the babies on their very first hot air balloon ride!!!!!!!

Love these babies!

After waiting about an hour in the freezing temperatures, it was finally FINALLY our turn!

Going up!!!

Up, up, and away!!!!
Getting to see the girls' school, meeting their teacher, and seeing their classroom was an absolute blast!!  We had such a good time... and the hot air balloon ride in the moonlight wasn't so bad either. :)

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