Friday, November 1, 2013

Kathryn Jean's Sip & See!

On Sunday, October 13, Heather and Jason had a "Sip and See" shower, thrown by Jason's proud parents!  After church, Jen and I raced to Anacoco and during the drive, I noticed that I was getting close to all 7's across the board on my odometer.  Obviously, I needed a picture.  Jackpotttttt, baby!  :)) 

Jason's home in Anacoco was stunninggggg and the tablescape was equally as beautiful!!

Lime and Raspberry Water?!  YES, please!!  Everyday of my life, please!!!!

Hands down, the greatest cookie of my life.  These were at Heather and Jason's wedding shower and I'm counting on them being at every birthday party Kate has for the rest of her life!  They are soooo goooood.
6 of Kate's cousins, ready to play!

She was the belle of the ball!!
We took the kids outside to play while we sat and rocked on the giant back porch!
Using a bike tire pump as a telephone! Hey, whatever works!

Aunt Hil is always so much fun to play with!

She even brought out some of her dolls to play!  And our kids!

Poor Brother!  Where's that golf club??
There it is!!!  :))
Hilary is the best babysitter!!  Grant loves his Aunt Hil!

Here's Callie, putting her baby to sleep!

Unbelievably sweet! 

Such a good little daddy boy!
It's gift time!!  I love remembering some of the things my kids got as babies, so I wanted to post a few of Kate's prizes!

Everything was so absolutely precious!!!  I think Grant needs a Sip and See next, you guys!! :))
(And cool hair, Hez!)

A few more smiles::


Happy faces:

Silly faces:

Kissy faces:

Pops was a happy boy eating those delicious cookies and cupcakes!

Brother needed something besides a doll to play with.. so Uncle Jason found him this cool hat!!!!



After the shower, Jason showed us a trail through the woods that led to a little lake where we could feed the ducks!

SO fun!!!

All the girls... minus our Mandy!!

And the boys. :))

One of my most favorites ever!

Sooo happy for our little Hezzy girl, her sweet husband, and her beautiful baby!  Kate just had her 2 month check-up where she weighed in at 13 lbs 15 oz!!  What a whopper!!!!  She's a keeper. :))

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