Thursday, November 28, 2013

Two Little Turkeys

Happy Thanksgiving!!  What a year this has turned out to be!  We've added 4 more babies to the Brinker brigade, Sadie and Rylie started kindergarten, and we are currently in Kurt and Mandy's new house with all of us together.. which hasn't happened in 12 months!  I won't be on here for long and our family Thanksgiving pictures will have to wait... because Heather's Cheddar and Bacon Potato Skins just came out of the oven and I hear a rousing game of Catch Phrase coming on. Those will top blogging every time.

However, I wanted to throw just a few pictures on here from Sadie and Rylie's first Thanksgiving school program!  Here is Pops (who drove in just to see his two baby turkeys!) and Grant!

Just a few of the Brinker boys!

The school stage ready for our little turkeys!

Waiting for it to start!

Ha!!  This one makes me smile every time I see it!  The Indians, pilgrims, and turkeys were all walking in... and clearly petrified Brother, haha!

Lots of little Indians beating on their tom-toms..

Cutie little Pilgrims planting rows of corn..

And a whole flock of turkeys about to be a mouthful for Thanksgiving!!!!!!


Shaking their tail feathers!

Doing the Turkey Pokey dance!

"Put your drumstick in, put your drumstick out.."

Here are the girls' faces when they heard their best {boy} friend's name called out to say the Thanksgiving prayer!  :))

Beautiful little turkeys!

Their favorite friend, Reece, saying the prayer!
(Hahaaa, and I love that kid on the bottom! Busted!!)

Sadie and Reece!

School friends:
Grant, Sadie, and Reece

Their favorite greeter every morning!

The Sharbono Family!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Sadie and Rylie's biggest fans!

Beautiful girls with Reese!

We will have to take another one of these at their high school graduation!
Reese, Rylie, Sadie, and Grant! Soooo cuuuute!

On our way out, I happened to see the girls' drawings on the wall and had to take a picture!  

Someone in their class completed the statement this way, "If I were a turkey, I would hide in Mexico."
I'm not totally sure what that means... but we're thankful this year that that wasn't our kid.  ;))
Gobble til you wobble today, friends.
Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

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  1. Ummmm why are they all over those boys like that???????


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