Sunday, December 29, 2013

Whirlwind Weekend

Two weeks before Christmas, we headed south to Thibodaux for a whirlwind weekend adventure.. Friday, we went to New Orleans for a Disney Juniors LIVE production... which the children loved!  Saturday, we celebrated Abigail's 4th and Andrew's 3rd birthdays at the Thibodaux Children's Museum.. which was wonderfuuuul!  And Sunday, we spent the day in Lafayette celebrating Christmas with the Poole side of the family!  Crazy, busy, hectic...  but suuuuch a wonderful, festive time! Here are a few pictures from the weekend!

Beautiful Vannie in New Orleans!

Uh-oh!  It's Captain Hook!!

Snuggle bunny time!

Jake & the Neverland Pirates!

Such a fun show!

December 14 - Here are the birthday party favors!  So cute!!

Love this one of Pops and Baby Grant!  (And look at those eyelashes! Love them!) :))

Pretty, pretty princess!

Fire Chief Andrew!

Pops taking Grant down for a slide!

Doing the bayou boogie with Grammie!


It's almost party time!

Need a few more rides on the Louisiana harvester first...

Andddd a quick trip to Rouse's!

Can't wait to see them doing this together in 20 years!

Jenny in her own little bubble!

Andrew with his favorites, Kelli and Jenny!

Happy Birthday to my Andrew Paul!

Oh, how I love my precious son!!

Jen, Nathan, and their 4 babies got to come to the party, too!
Here is Sadie..

..and Rylie!

Happy Birthday to Abigail, too!!

Andrew loved having Troy at his party!!!!  That really was the icing on the cake!

Best little friends.

Grammie & Jude!

Rylie, Van, Callie, and Andrew with Tick Tock Crock!

Happy Birthdayyyyyy!

Here is Andrew on Sunday with his new remote-control dump truck!

So handsome.

The cute big girls with their brand new baby dolls!

Love this shot!  The kids loved their new toys! Thanks, Paw Paw and M!

I had to get a picture of Grant in his Christmas vest! ;)

Having kids to celebrate Christmas with =
It's the best.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Over the River & Through the Woods Grandmonty's house we go!!  On a lazy Saturday in December, we visited with Grandmonty and Poppa in Jena!  We had a wonderful time, just snuggling down and hanging out... we even made hot chocolate!

Can't believe this little boy is almost 3 years old!  THREE!

Beautiful Vannie Grace!

There's nothing like hiding out under Grandma's barstools, hoarding your cup of hot cocoa!

Savannah grabbed the camera and asked to take a picture.. and this is what she got! Love my little 6-month old man!

Baby Grant was 16 lbs 12 oz at his check up!  He has 2 teeth on the bottom that came up within days of each other, and has mastered sitting up.. (which is SO nice for Mom!)  He has scooted backwards a few times on his knees, but we are working on the crawling forward thing!  He is SUCH a happy baby and I am so thankful for that..  because big brother and big sister like to handle up on him alllll the time!! And have I mentioned his eyelashes?? ;) 

Especially with that red hair, he is literally my sunshine! :))  

Savannah is such an awesome big sister!  She loves getting his diapers or wipes for me when it's time for a change and I've even found her holding him while she walked around the living room...  ahhhh!  Ha, we had to have a little talk about it, but it was super cute!

Now that Sadie and Rylie are at school during the day, Savannah, Andrew, and Callie have become quick partners in crime!  This is where Jen and I found them one day!

Love these little rascals!

I'm said I didn't get a picture, but this was too cute to forget about! Earlier this week, I had put tape down on the floor and had Savannah and Andrew roll their cars and tractors down the "lanes!" We made bridges and blockades and had such a good time!  I thought this would be a neat opportunity to talk to the kids about letters and sounds and I asked Andrew, "So, what does 'car' start with??" Without a pause, Andrew screams, "A KEYYYYY!!!!"  Hahaa, and that's exactly right!!!! ;))

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