Thursday, December 5, 2013

I Love You a Bushel and A Peck...

This Thanksgiving, we did something we've never done before. We packed out Kurt and Mandy's new home in Brenham, Texas, with 21 Brinkers.  GLORY!!  :))  Everyone's schedules worked out perfectly to where we would ALL be able to meet up and spend the Thanksgiving holiday together.. which neverrrr happens! And for the holiday of Thanksgiving?! Ahhh, does life get any better than this?!

Here is Wadie at Whataburger with sweet baby Kate!  (Whataburger was also something we had never had before... and oh my goodness!  We loved it!  We even stopped at it again on our way home, ha!)

So excited for our trip!

When we pulled up, this sweet boy was out in the backyard, ready to show his cousins around his Texas backyard!  Here is Gavin.. SUCH a doll!!!

Uncle Jase and Calbug!

This is a great face to express what a house with 21 Brinkers sounded like. :))  So exciting.. and a little crazy, haha!

Gavin and Andrew and silly Aunt Jenny!

Cutie little Kees family!

We weren't sure if we were in H-E-B or in H-E-AVEN..?? ;)
You like what I did there??  HA!

Here are the Poole boys!!  I know Brother looks sad now.. but this was moments before he discovered that the Holiday Inn beds are perfect trampolines. :))

Crazy face!

Sweet Grant baby.. 2 days away from turning 6 months old!

Our babies!!!
Kate (3 months), Grant (5 months), and Jude (5 months)

This is what begins to happen when you make babies take 20+ pictures in a row! Haa!

Hahahahaha!!  Callie had Brother PINNED DOWN.  Just remember, Cal..  one day, he is going to be bigger than you!!!!  :))))

Cousins..  I'm so thankful they have each other!!!

November 28 - we were thankful to be holding this sweet thing: 

Thanksgiving morning all wrapped up in one picture:

Thank You, Lord, for these three little turkeys.  

My precious sisters!  So many blessings all in one day!

The beautiful breakfast Mandy prepared for us Thanksgiving morning!

Sooooo sweet!!

Thanks for hosting the circus, you two!  So thankful we got to spend the holidays at your house!!

Jennifer & Nathan!

Heather & Jason!

Me and my Wadie Boy!

Peace out, Pops.

It's strange to think how different life is now from 20 years ago when we all lived in Thibodaux together..  When Jen wouldn't share her clothes, and Kurt went mud riding in sugar cane fields, and I snuck Jen's clothes anyway, and Heather followed me around playing "Harriet the Spy".  Now we have babies, live in different places, and call each other to talk about everything.. from how dumb the toll booths in Texas are to the price of eggs in China. ;))  I could NOT love my family more!

Working hard on Thanksgiving dinner!

A trampoline!!!  A real life trampoline!! Our kids were soooo excited!

Gavin, Rylie, Sadie, Savannah, Callie, and Andrew!

Loved those sweet baby faces!!

Thankful for this plate right here! Nom nom nom...

Cute little men hard at work.. and they look so much alike!

Time for Thanksgiving family pictures!
Kurt, Mandy, Carson, Gavin, and Luke Brinker

Nathan, Jennifer, Rylie, Sadie, Callie, and Jude Sharbono

Jason, Heather, and Kathryn Kees

Wade, Melissa, Savannah, Andrew, and Grant Poole

Happy Thanksgiving from the Brinkers!!!
All 21 of us. :))

Our jump shot!

AHHHHH!!!  Love our family!!!

Pops and Grammie with all their little monkeys!!

And then after 30 minutes of picture taking, the kids were officially done and we all started falling apart.

Look what we found!!!!!

Maybe it's really Prince Charming...??

Snowbody cuter!! :))  And can we talk about how Kate is as big as my almost 6 month old??  That's apparently how they grow 'um in Texas! ;))

Thanksgiving means:
Grammie makes you your own gigantic cup of coffee.  Even if you're 5. ;))

Mornings with coffee and Pops.. everyday of my life, please!!

Our cup, our hearts, our family overflows.  Here are our sweet babies that were born just this year.

I can't think of a more appropriate holiday to have spent with our Brinker family. It was perfection.

And because I have to.. because it's Thanksgiving.. here are just a few of my favorite things:
-My glorious Savior, Jesus Christ, who redeems, restores, gives grace and abundant life.  Who saved me from my sins and has plans for my future.  Who is waiting in heaven to welcome me there when my purpose on Earth has been fulfilled. And it's all because of Him. 
 - My sweet Wadie who works so hard to provide for us and never complains. about anything. ever.
- My precious babies who add more to my life and teach me more about Jesus than I've ever known
- My parents who taught me Jesus was the only One who could save me and showed what it means to live a sacrificial life devoted to Christ
-My sisters and brother, their incredible spouses, and their adorable children who I love more than life and pray for more than anything else
-My in-laws, who are so incredibly giving, so helpful, and are always only a phone call away
-My best friends in all the world, a group of 5 girls, who can always pick up right where we left off
-Our lifegroup.  It's been life-changing and every moment we spend together is an absolute blast.  I'm thankful for genuine friendships and the promise of a future together spent serving our community.
-Our neighborhood, new friends, family dinners, bubble baths, Christmas parties, and cups of coffee on the back porch.  God is so good and even the smallest gifts of fresh air and cold water are daily reminders of His love.  May we forever be thankful.

I'll end with this story that wraps everything up with one neat little bow:
  During Thanksgiving dinner, we went around the room telling each other what we were most thankful for and my dad hit the nail on the head.. He said, "It doesn't matter what the actual date is... Any day we are together, it's Thanksgiving."
And that's the gospel truth.

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  1. Oh Melissa! All glory to God! We give Him thanks for His mercy and for sending our Lord Jesus because He loved us so much. Your dad and I pray Isaiah 59:21 for our precious family, "As for Me," says the LORD, "this is My covenant with them: My Spirit who is upon you, and My words which I have put in your mouth, shall not depart from your mouth, nor from the mouth of your descendants, nor from the mouth of your descendants' descendants," says, the LORD, "from this time and forevermore." AMEN! We love you all, MOM


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