Thursday, January 30, 2014

Merry Christmas Time is Here!

It's the happiest time of all the year! 

I'm hoping it's just my eyes, and these pictures aren't as fuzzy as they look. :/
 But here are a few pictures of our Christmas 2013!

Every year, we try to add a little more Christmas decor to the house..  this year, we added the sting of lights on the roof and I LOVED it!  Hoping Wade will be willing to walk up and light our roof peak next year! Slim chance, but hey, miracles happen, especially at Christmas!

On Christmas Eve, Wade set up a stable. Right in our living room.  He read the Christmas story and then led the children to Bethlehem... where the manger and Baby Jesus awaited (or at least the stuffed version.)

Baby Grant playing with our pretend Baby Jesus!

The three wise men worshipping the Baby King. :))  This was spontaneous, but will be a family tradition from here on out.  Wadie - you're brilliant.

Time to unwrap presents!

Another Christmas Eve tradition: new jammies!!

"You mean I have to go to BED?!?!"

Christmas Day 2013:
For the first time since we built our house, we decided to have Christmas dinner for our families in our home!!  It was SO fun!  The house was decorated and festive, the kids were filled with enthusiastic Christmas spirit, and all the grown ups were simply thankful be together.

Baby's first Christmas!

Sweet Kate loved being Santa Baby for the day!

Our beautiful friend, Alana, came to play!

Even our Brinker cousins from Texas were able to be there!

Grandparents and grandbabies are SO cute together!

After Pops read the Christmas story about our precious Savior's birth, it was time to dig in...

Our new friend, Stephen, wasn't able to get home to his family for Christmas this year... 
 but we were THRILLED that he could spend the holiday with us!

More of our Lifegroup family!  Amber Woman and Mr. Billy!

Christmas Dinner with the best:

Couldn't forget the dessert table. :)
Carrot Cake, Italian Creme Cake, and Doberge... Hello, gorgeous!

After dinner, Brother couldn't hang...
He crashed and this is how he spent his Christmas night. So sweet!

Jolly ole St. Pops!

Some of my most favorite people::

It's not Christmas without a dance party!

New undies and tights from Nana!

Kate, Jude, Grant, and Luke!  Each one of them celebrating Christmas for their very first time!

Sweet man wearing Paw's hat!

Beautiful Vannie in Alana's adorable glasses!
Apparently, my kids like wearing things that don't belong to them! :))

At some point, we all ended up with Brother.  Passed out on the floor.
Overwhelmed by all the Christmas love, Christmas spirit... and Christmas dinner.
The day after Christmas, we met together at Jen's house for Day-After-Christmas Brunch, where we opened HOMEMADE presents from each other...  Funnest. Thing. Ever.
Those pictures coming up next!

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