Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Louisiana Snow Day!

So we got chickens.
We are officially country people.. not sure how or when that happened, but our "girls" have nestled into their new little home for the past few weeks and we are loving it! The kids have enjoyed going out to harass/feed the chickens and look for eggs!  Apparently, we didn't get the variety of chicken that lays eggs in winter.. (there are varieties of chickens?!), so in 2 months, we have gathered 1 egg.  Ha!! Our little ladies will have to start producing during the warmer months or they may be clucking their last... Haha, kidding!!

Meet Elsie, Lola, and Pearl... named after our great-grandmothers! 
We think they would be proud. :))

The kids like to call our white hen, 'Cherry," for short... because Pearl is too long. ;)

For Brother's birthday, he specifically requested a 'Jake and the Neverland Pirates' party.. and this was the best I could do at the last minute, ha!  I found this wood pallet down the street and brought it home with me and 10 minutes later.. wah-lah! Pirate Party!

We had a lifegroup bonfire for his party, where we roasted "Smoking Cannons" (hot dogs) and made "Mr. Smee's Smores," ate a bowl of "Buried Treasure" (chili) and drank "Blackbeard's Brew" (hot chocolate). Haa!!  Everyone was so creative with their names and "pirate" was SUCH a fun theme!
Here is a picture of Kelli's "Walk the Plank" Apple Rings!

And Casey's Pirate "Doubloons!"

Happy, happy birthday to Wadie, Brother, and Mollie!

A few days later, we got news that we should be expecting a prize from the skies...

And late that night, SNOW arrived!!!

I know she needs a jacket, but I think her excitement kept her warm!  Her brothers had already gone to bed, so Savannah got to soak it all in!


She couldn't get enough of it, so we bundled her up and let her play. And eat!

This was our view the next morning!  What a pretty surprise!

Wade had to work so I was on my own to put double the amount of bundling on three squirming babies!  Needless to say, it took about an hour just to get prepared to go outside.

I spy a tiger in the snow!

I just had to grab a picture of Baby Grant with his first snow!!

He didn't love it, ha!  He would much rather play in the warm house!

A few more pictures of our wintery scene:

After sternly telling the kids to "Get outside and enjoy that snow!  I know we don't have mittens ..or warm jackets ..or boots... but we only get 1 snow day every 10 years and you're going to get out there and enjoy it!" the kids pretty much cried the entire time.  Ha!!  They were so cold, so after 15 minutes of 'enjoyment,' I snapped these two pictures of my little snow bunnies. 

After the boys went inside, Savannah came back out for a few more minutes of fun.

Van's snow angel! Isn't it such a good one?!

Since the snow was too cold to play in outside...
we brought it inside. :))

After Brother's first snow day, he was all tuckered out.

Wadie brought me home fresh flowers to celebrate snow day/'everybody's miserable from all the snow and we all have a horrible case of cabin fever' day. Haa!  What a sweet hunny!
Although we don't have the clothes to play in snow on a regular basis, it really was fun to tromp around in.. at least for a little while.  And it made for the prettiest scenery when looking out from the windows... which is a good thing when that's pretty much all there is to do on a Louisiana snow day.


  1. 1. Love your new layout.
    2. You shoulda let me plan balookies party you saw how good dims was hahaha jk jk. I love your pirate sign!
    3. Baloo hates the snow ha!! Van looks like she had the time of her life!!
    4. Miss you

  2. Oh yeah 5. Jon and I are dying that you named your chickens after your grandparents!


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