Monday, February 24, 2014

Snapshots from February

Much to our surprise, our chickens laid an egg this winter!!!!!!!!!
Our very first fresh farm egg:

My big helper!

Mr. and Mrs. Farmer..  That's right.  We got an egg, people.  #officiallyfarmers

We were all pretty proud!!

Here are a few pictures of Sadie and Rylie as precious little cheerleaders!

Cute little Sadie!

Rylie is the 'N' in WIN!!

So totally adorable!!

After admiring our one fresh egg for a few days, it was time to eat:

Dad cooked it up and we all got a bite. One. Bite. Ha!!

It was delicious!!!  Our first fresh egg was a hit all around!!

Snow day.. again! This blizzard happened while we were in the library at Story Time and this is what we came out to find:

Excuse the bad hair... I didn't realize we would be taking pictures in the SNOW!

Just beautiful!!

So this was just by chance.. but for the Olympics Opening Ceremony, I made this Pineapple-Upside-Down-Carrot Cake! It was heavenly and I thought the rings fit well for the night! :))

I was going to miss their last game (boo!!), so here are the last pictures I have of the girls cheering!  They were precious and did such a wonderful job!!

Rylie Jean!

Sadie Grace!

Savannah made the girls handwritten gifts to celebrate their last game! :))

A sweet shot of the big kids!
Love this life of cheerleading games, snow days, chickens and family time.
Especially that legit farm living we're doing, because, hey! We got an egg!!!!!

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