Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Valentine's Day in New Orleans

Since Wadie had a few days off around Valentine's Day, we decided to hit up New Orleans! More specifically, we wanted to take the kids to see the fabulous N.O. Aquarium!!!!  I aaaaalways love going and this would be Andrew, Grant, and Callie's first time to see the sharks and fishies.. and BIRDS!!!! Yes!! Birds!! But we'll get to that. ;)

Here they are, all fascinated with the entrance, ha!

Vannie with her favorite "glitter" fishes! See how sparkly they are?!

Savannah was Grant's age the last time she visited the aquarium!  And I found this picture from it!!  Here is a link to our first trip to New Orleans with Baby Vannie:: Savannah's Trip to New Orleans

4 years later, there's a new baby in the stroller..
My sweet Baby Grant!

Sweet cousin love!

Checking out the penguins!

Baby Grant loved the penguins, just like Savannah did!

Daddy and Vannie 4 years ago:

And here we are a few years later!

Shark faceeee!

Callie and the Frog Prince!

Petting the sting rays!!!

Steering the shrimp boat!

Okay, last flashback...  Here's my little pearl!

And here she is today!

'Sharing' the boat, ha!

Seriously, the cutest catch of the day everrrrrr.

My favorite part of the aquarium!

Love it!!

Holding out their hands for their fishy picture! The aquarium photoshops a fish into their hands which is the cutest thing ever..

While waiting for the picture to print, I snapped this of our crew downstairs!

The photographer told us to visit Parakeet Pointe while we waited for our picture to print. It's only a little over a year old and it.is.incredible!!!!!! You walk into a gigantic bird cage and the little birdies land on you!!!! I was scared at first... but they kinda grow on you!!  Sooo fuun!!


How awesome is this?!

And this one is the winning shot of the day! Ahhhhhh!! Haha!

I wonder if it tastes like chicken..??

So awesome!!

Feed the birds, tuppence a bag!

Trying to sneak in Wadie's pocket!

My Mary Poppins moment! :))

A birdie landed on our camera strap!

Waving goodbye to our new little friend!

We then returned home to open Valentine's Day presents from Nan and Paw!

Our precious little Valentines!

We had a wonderful day and spent the night eating shrimp poboys and peanut butter m&ms with our little loves. Valentine's Day just gets sweeter as the years go by! Day 2 of our Valentine weekend - coming up next!

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  1. 1) get baloo some no show socks ;)
    2) those photos of mrs Mary Jo have me rolling!!!
    3)miss you guys more everyday!
    4) the bird and granty LOL
    5) wadie rockin dat jacket from justin!


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