Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Southern Belles Opening Day!

It was the day we had hesitantly looked forward to since the beginning of March... April 5. Also known as OPENING DAY FOR OUR SOUTHERN BELLES!!!!

We would be playing two games, the first at noon and the last at 3 pm.

Goooooooo 10, 11, and 12!!!!  
Poor Rylie!  Her first jersey and her name was misspelled! :((
But otherwise, aren't they darling?!

Monkeys on the loose!

Getting ready to cheer on their big sisters!!

Oh gosh, time to warm up!  I have to admit, I was probably the most nervous out of everyone!  Practice had been going so well.. but that was in front of a small group of people!!  Not all of Deville!  And let me tell you!!  Opening Day is big stuff in Deville... EVERYONE shows up for it!

Surprise!!!  Look who turned into our first and third base coaches!

Praying before our first game!  I loved this!

Savannah's most very favorite part of t-ball!  The cheer:
"Go Southern Belles!!!"

Savannah turned out to be SECOND to bat!  I was having heart palpitations, but Savannah was as cool as a cucumber, sauntering up to home plate with her bat relaxed in her hands, ready to swing!!!  And y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  SHE HIT THE VERY FIRST PITCH!!!!!  They get 3 pitches thrown by the coach before they get to swing off the tee.... and SHE SMOKED HER VERY FIRST PITCH!!!!!

She ran, ran, ran to first base and straight into Daddy's arms for the biggest hug ever!!!!  It was the most amazing start to the t-ball season! :)))  Thank You, Jesus!

Hahaha!!  That's our superwoman right there!

Waving to all her screaming fans!

Scoring her very first run!!!!!

Way to go, sister!!!! :))))

Our sweet Kelli and Troy made it to Opening Day... and nobody could get enough hugs from our big star!

And speaking of big stars, guess who made the first GRAND SLAM?!?!?!
Saaaaaadie Sharbonoooooooo!!!!!!

Jenny was so so proud of her amazing girls!

A few play-by-play shots:

Paw and Nan even drove all the way from Thibodaux to see these sweet girls play!

After 3 innings, we were pretty much worn out. 

The Southern Belles won their very first game!!

Good game, good game, good game!!

We love love love love love our Kelli and Troy!

Then it was time for a little snack while waiting for our next game to start!


Our wee-ballers. :))

The girls found a nice, safe place to leave their socks...

So, so precious!

Who has time to play t-ball when there's dirt around?!  Also, here is Savannah's very first friend she made from t-ball, McKinley!  Such a little cutie!


Hahahaha, this is one of my all-time favorite pictures from the season!
She is the smallest little thing on the team, but she has heart! My sweet little woman. :))

We lost our second game... but we still had fun!

Now... who's ready for Johnny's Pizza to celebrate?! :))

We are!!!!!

And then, of course, we needed Splurge with the grandparents! 

Not only was April 5 the start of Vannie's t-ball season, it was also the day we came home to find we had 4 new baby kittens.  Oh boy.  ;)

The following Monday, it was time to stay home and recuperate from the weekend...
And the children had a few guests over for tea. :))

Sweet eyes!

Grant's new favorite thing is to point... and I absolutely love it!

On Tuesday, it was a 'play with the kittens and chase the chickens' kind of day... which are some of our favorites.

Kittens! Free to good home! :))

Haha, I don't know if Baby Grant was happier to see the kittens... or to see the nice wet mud nearby!

My dirty little 10 month old!

I can't even begin to tell you how proud I am of this precious girl! She was so brave and courageous and just so wonderful, I was ready to burst!!!  Congratulations on your first big Opening Day, Vannie!!  Mommy loves you and will be in your cheering section every single day of your life.  
On the field.. and off.

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