Thursday, April 3, 2014

Chicken A La Loose!

The weather has been glorious here lately!  The birds are chirping, there are green buds on all the trees, and the nonstop breeze makes being outside just woooonderful! We have spent most of this spring outside and we wouldn't have it any other way! 

Baby Kate and Baby Grant... two peas in a pod!

Here is a picture of our first dozen farm-fresh eggs!! We are so proud of our little hens!  We are currently getting 2 fresh eggs a day and have added 18+ to these eggs!  I was making bread one afternoon and had run out of eggs.. and I was so disappointed.  I thought I would go and check the coop, just in case my spring chickens had clucked out another egg.. and YES!!!!  There was a fresh egg, just sitting in the hay, waiting on me!!  :))  Gathering eggs is one of the highlights of our days this spring!

What was not such a fun surprise was the day Andrew left the coop door open... and Heather came running inside, saying, "Melissa!!!  A chicken got out!!  There's a chicken running around the backyard!!!" Hahaha!!  AAAAAANNNNNNNDDDDDRRRRRREEEEWWWWW!!!!!!

The chickens were as happy as could be, wild and free!

After chasing the chickens around using everything we had, including garbage lids, and luring them with fresh grapes, we decided to let them enjoy their afternoon out!

Meanwhile, Heather and I went inside to make two of these beauties for Lifegroup!
It's Southern Living's Traditional King Cake recipe... and it truly beats any store-bought  king cake I've ever had!  They were fresh and sweet and tangy... just perfect!!

I just loved them!

We were proud!!!

And looky, looky at who caught Lola!!  :))))  The other two hens ended up jumping back inside their coop at sunset... and since then, if we are home in the evenings, we let the chickens out throughout the day and just keep an eye on them...  We have a neighbor who calls our chickens, "Spicy," "Mild," and "Extra Crunchy." Once he fires up his grill, the chickens start heading home! ;))

T-ball is going well!  Savannah has been enjoying the practices more and more each time.  She still cries occasionally, but her first game is Saturday and I'm hoping she enjoys every minute of it!

It helps that she gets to play with Sadie and Rylie, too!

"Hello to my personal cheering section!" :))

Vannie in action!

Up to bat!

It's a hit!

Rylie's turn!

And now Sadie!

We've got a double header at Opening Ceremonies Saturday...  Tell the other teams to pray for rain. ;)


  1. Missing her very first game.... Seriously breaking my heart. Ugh.

  2. Vannie cannot be big enough to play t-ball. No way. I remember when she was just born and we were bouncing and patting, bouncing and patting!! UGH!!


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