Thursday, April 10, 2014

Gardens... and Urgent Care

In April, we planted our spring garden!  Tomatoes, bell peppers, squash, zucchinis, and onions are (hopefully) growing and we can't wait to harvest the fruits of their labor all summer long (no pun intended. ;))  It's one of my most favorite times of the year.. getting to go to the feed and seed store, picking out the perfect plants and seeds to come home with us, and all working together to plant our crop.

Even Baby Grant brought his dirty smiles to help!

We start training our little farmers early!

Farmer woman!

Farmer man!

Fertilizing the ground..  

Meanwhile, look who flew the coop... ahh!  They really do look so pretty strutting around the yard... we actually kinda enjoy watching them!

This was the last picture I got before Wadie finished.  Can't wait to start reaping the garden's bounty... it's not officially summer until you've had a homegrown tomato!  We are excited about it's arrival! :))

And in case you were wondering why there weren't any pictures of me working in the garden, it's because I was in the woods, just chopping down trees.  HA!  Well, kinda.. I wanted to clean up the sides of our trees and after donning rubber boots and long sleeves, I got to work!

Still a lot more work to do in clearing out the woods, but don't the sides of the trees look neat and clean??  

I thought Grammie would love this one...  Our farmer boy turned  into a preacher man one morning and "read" from the Word one morning during breakfast! How sweet is this!?

That afternoon, I needed the Word!  Savannah was practicing her t-ball swing and accidentally swung her bat right into Brother's forehead!  My precious neighbor was home and kept the other two kids while I ran Andrew to Urgent Care.  Wade met me there (Thank God for my Wadie, who is the calm to my crazy!) and after 2 hours, 2 tubes of Dermabond, 4 bandages, and $20.00 later, we were all fixed up and ready to get home.
Here is Andrew showing off the goods from his "docktey."

This makes Andrew's second time to the doctor for deep cuts on his forehead and the fourth bloody gash he has had to his head!  Please pray for my Brother Bear...  his head has taken so many hits! Literally.

You would never know he was wounded, though.  From the moment we started driving to the doctor, he never cried about his gash again.  He never whimpered in the dr's office and went home to play frisbee in the backyard.  He is my warrior. :))

The next day, I made a tiny little token of my appreciation for my neighbor, sending over chocolate milk (her favorite!), life savers and popcorn!  Just a little thank you for being a lifesaver.. ;))
Andrew currently has one bandage left to come off.. and it still looks pretty bad. :/ Praying for a complete recovery and so thankful that he is already back to his rambunctious, wild self.  Thankful for the Lord's protection and for how His hand is so clearly on Brother.. and for helmets that we so clearly need to invest in. :))


  1. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Love this!! Grant is little red head Andrew!

  2. Still waiting for my care basket for all the times I played with your children. ;)

  3. Shan ^^^ always gripe, gripe, gripe. ; ) Poor brother! By now they should know him by name! I'm so glad he was okay. And seriously, poor Wadie had to plant the garden all by himself!!!!

  4. You have a great family, those pictures are adorable. You have to follow up and post some pictures of those tomatoes when they are blooming. I am so jealous living in the city I miss the feel of that grass under my bare feet. You are definitely living the dream that too many of us trapped in the city are dreaming of.

    Penelope Bonnet @ U.S. HealthWorks - Seattle 5th and Denny


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