Sunday, April 20, 2014

Toledo Bend Lifegroup Trip!

At the end of March, our lifegroup took a family vacation to Toledo Bend!  Not everyone was able to make it, so we will have to plan another trip this summer.. but the group that did get to go were the b-e-s-t!  So many things went wrong (like the a/c went out, the golf cart fuse burned up, a pipe started leaking...ahh!) But everyone had the best attitude, everyone was so happy to be there, and the weather couldn't have been more perfect!!!  If you're ever on a deserted island, this is the group to go with. ;)

Here is a picture of Baby Grant having dinner before our big trip!

So happy, so happy...

So tired, so tired, ha!

Sorry, I know everyone hates food pictures, but I was so proud!  
Here is my Paula Deen Cheeseburger Stromboli!!  And gosh, it was wonderful!!!

On Friday, we headed to the camp where Megan and Emory came to spend the day with us!!  Play dates with Emmy baby are our favorite days!  Here she is, patting the baby! 

Beautiful girl!

Just a'swingin!

Friday night, the Knotts, Folses, Stephen, and Clint arrived!  A terrible thunderstorm rolled through, knocking out the power..  It made for a night of eating burgers by the fireplace followed by a Connect 4 tournament by candlelight.. it was sooo fuuuuun!!  Alan was the reigning champ.. for awhile.
Here is a picture of Stephen's defeat!

Clint and Baby Grant!

I told you the weather was bad!  Here is an oak tree that got uprooted in the storm two condos away from us!

Kelli won! Kelli won!!  And the girls were SO happy about that! 

The next morning, it was freezing, the power was still out, and the boys headed to the gas station to buy coffee.  They filled up these Big Gulps up and brought them home for the ladies!

Our favorite Knotts family!!

Baby Grant loves his Kel!

After trying out Stephen's new fancy socks, we were ready to go exploring!

The kids found the playground!!

On the trail, we stopped to take this picture!!  I am so thankful for this group of sweet friends! They have been life-changing and they make every day we are together so sweet, so happy, and so fun!  I love y'all!!!

Our precious neighbors and sweet friends, Kelli and Troy!

Our family, physically and spiritually, here is our beautiful Casey and Alan!

Our Poole Party!

Our two wonderful bachelors, Clint and Stephen!

After walking the trails, we were hungry!!  And without power, we had to get creative!  Here is Wadie, grilling French bread and making spaghetti over a propane tank!  And y'all, this boy is good!!!  The food was perfect!

Here are a few pictures from lunch:

Baby Grant's favorite part was the avocado! ;))

Ha! We were both turning green!

Afterwards, our sweet guys went to help the neighbors clean up the mess that the fallen oak tree had made!

So thankful that everyone stayed safe and the tree didn't hit any of our cars!  This was just crazy!

Meanwhile, these two had a dance party. ;)

Sooooo cuuuuute!

Here a few shots of Kelli and Brother's nap time::

Peep Eye!!!

My favorite!!!!!!! :)))))

Funny face!

Getting ready for our Louisiana Saturday Night Fish and Shrimp Fry... ohhhh yuuuuum!

The most perfect sunset...

I wonder who was so greedy and took all the water bottles..??? ;))

Celery snack time with Kel!

Walking down to the dock before everyone headed home on Sunday! I LOVE this shot!

Hahahaa!!!  Another one of my favorites! I love how confused all the kids are!

We have become such great friends.. and that makes me SO happy!!!  I love my Case and Kel!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE MY FAMILY!!!!!  Each of you is so precious to me!!!  No matter where life takes us, I'm just thankful we are going together. ;))  
Let's start planning our return trip... like today. 


  1. This looks like a blast!! So glad you guys ha fun and stayed safe!!

  2. I can't believe how much went wrong! Ahhhh, the devil was trying to ruin y'all's trip!! So glad y'all had even more fun than planned! We had the best day playing at the camp!!!! We love Toledo Bend!!!!

  3. Oh and that picture of the babies on the boy's shoulders is TOO CUTE!!!

  4. Ahhhh! This looks like the best time (despite everything that went wrong, haha)! I want to come next year!! You guys have so much fun together! :)


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