Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Back to Brenham!

At the end of April, we loaded up the car and headed west to Brenham, Texas! Our nephew had a doctor's appointment in Houston, so Wade and I packed up our circus and brought it over to Kurt and Mandy's house to watch Carson and Gavin!! Of course, when in Texas, do as the Texans do.. and EAT BARBEQUE!  I was starving for the first 5 hours of the trip, passing fast food place after fast food place, just waiting to find the perfect barbeque sandwich! AND I FOUND IT!!!

Absoluteeeee perfectionnnnn.

15 minutes later, we pulled up at the Brinker house and before too long, all the boys were soaking wet as they sprayed each other's eyeballs out!

Even Savannah joined in the war fun!

And here is Andrew telling everyone, "Don't get my baby brother wet!!!!"
What a sweet big brother he is! :))

That's right.  Deer just walk through the yard. No big deal.

The next morning, Wade and I babysat Carson and Gavin... and I had all the kids out in the field, picking wildflowers. ;))  Aren't they darling?!

What sweet babies!!

The prettiest bouquet EVER!

Uncle Wadie then treated us to a big pot of spaghetti!!

The Three Amigos!!

Make an excited face!!!

Make a smiley face!!

Throw ya hands in the air like you just don't care!

Hello to the car passing by!!

Such sweet boys!!!!!

Here are some summer shots of our days together!

Farmer Drew!

The gorgeous backyard!!

Crafty Kurty cut down a tree and turned it into a chair!!!  The giving tree, anyone??? ;))

And then it was hammock time.

Since Brenham is the birthplace of BlueBell ice cream, it makes sense that Kurt has six half-gallons in his freezer!!  And I needed to taste 5 of them! :))

Somebody found the Ipad... ha!!

Love this sweet Baby Grant!

After 2 absolutely wonderful days, it was time to head home..  here are our last pictures before hitting the road!

Kurt and Mandy - y'all are the absolute BEST hosts in the world!!!!!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you for letting our Poole party crash your house!!! We can't wait to do it again!!! 
We will be back so, so soon!  Keep the freezer stocked. ;)

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