Thursday, May 1, 2014

Cohen's First Birthday

Emmy is known in our mom group as the most amazing party planner!  Each detail, from the decorations to the menu, to the theme to the favors, there just simply is no better party hostess than Emmy!!  We love her for so many more reasons, but her parties are always over the top and absolutely adorable that we can't help falling head over heels every.single.time.
To prove my case, take a look at Cohen's very first birthday party!!!  The theme was all things fisherman...
 and we were caught: hook, line, and sinker. ;))

She and Bethany hand made every single one of these!!!  Are you serious?!?!?!  Have you ever seen a cuter cupcake in your life?!?!

Drinky drinks!

Duh, everyone needs their own first birthday party wreath!

Handmade Coco Mo's Bait Shop!

Jenny, just fishing around the snacks!

The insanely cute favors!  Each box was filled with gummy worms!

Our sweet friend, Kasie, with her beautiful little girl... and Kate on the way!

The birthday boyyyyyy!!

Happy Birthday, Coheyyyyy!!!!  Thanks for having a fin-tastic partyyyyy!!  :))

Jenny and Jude!!

Taking a nibble.. and then giant chucks... out of their cupcakes!

On beautiful Iatt Lake!

Time to catch a fish!

Trying to catch a good picture of 3 toddlers is like digging for worms... a lot of hard work, but when you catch the big one, it was all worth it. ;))  (Not that I really know anything about that, but it sounded good.)

"On the count of three.... ESCAPE!!!"

The best I could get!  Aren't they precious?!

Beautiful!  What a sweet, sweet day!  Emmy, you are the absolute best!!  Thank you so much for having us over to celebrate!!!  We thought it was a real splash! ;))

On the way home, we treated the kids...
TO THEIR VERY FIRST CAR WASH!!!!!!  And you would have thought we had handed them the moon!!!!!  It was so amazing to see their little faces light up and hear their high-pitched squeals as the spinning columns headed towards our car!!!  A nice tip to remember on those long summer days... 
car washes are the ultimate thrill.

Wadie and I enjoyed it ourselves!
Happy, happy birthday, Cohen!!!  Looking so forward to watching you grow up and being a part of your life!!  And going to every single one of your amazing, out of this world, blow-out birthday parties. ;))


  1. Cuteeee!!! Love that partayyy! Bb and Emmy are so creative it's annoying.

    And I am dying over the at wash!!

  2. Hahahahaha. Your puns were SO GREAT in this one!!! Fin-tastic!!


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