Tuesday, May 13, 2014

F is for Family Fun!

I woke up one morning, energetic and ready to tackle the world.  Instead, I dressed the kids and headed to the zoo.. by myself!  I know it may sound funny, but I rarely go places where there will be no one there to help me with them.. so I was half nervous/half excited to try it out.  And y'all!  The Lord, and my kids, had mercy on me!  Savannah and Andrew stayed right with me and didn't whine a bit! They were extraordinary!!  Grant was so happy to be out and about and strolled happily for over 3 hours! What a remarkable day! :))

Shhhhh, Mom!  The tapir is sleeping! :))

Zookeeper Poole!

Andrew's turn, haha!!

Andrew insisted that he get to sit in the butterfly chair, too... to which Savannah replied, "Well, you know it isn't going to fly away, right??" Hahaa!

Brother in the driver's seat!


Are you sure about this, Mom??

Of course, when we find an empty stage, we must take it. ;))

Here we heard a wonderful rendition of "Let It Go." 

Sweet babies!! I was so thankful for such a wonderful day!!

Later that evening, Savannah had a t-ball game!  They are doing so so well and are currently first in the league. Granted, there are only 3 teams. But still! We are proud! :))  Here we were walking back to the car when Wade realized this would be a good time to teach the kids how to push the football sled!

Can't you totally see this in 15 years?!?

On the weekend, our fabulous neighbors were out doing yard work... and our kids RACED over to help!  Being outside is their favorite anyways, but add Kelli and Troy into the mix and it becomes the most amazing thing ever!! I think they ate pancakes for breakfast this day... and they did not come back to the house until 8 that night, starving but SO happy.

Hahahaa, I love this so much!

We ended this super fun weekend with a family photo shoot!!!  Hez had bought these mustaches YEARS ago and they have sat in my top drawer ever since.  Savannah found them and asked if we could play with them... and of course, that was the greatest idea ever.

The kids ended up sticking all of their mustaches on Grant.. and he actually didn't love that.

I really mustache ask you a question...

Have you ever seen such a cute little man?!?

We would love to stay and chat, but we really mustache. ;))))


  1. Tell those children to stop getting so big!!!

  2. Okay - best family picture EVERRRRRRRRR!!! Seriously! Even baby G is looking!! Y'all are the cutest! And I felt so much happier looking at these zoo pictures since, you know, I've been there!!! Ahhhh!


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