Thursday, May 1, 2014

Inglewood Farms

One of the most wonderful things about our lifegroup is the way we really do get to do life together!  At the beginning of April, Stephen, a precious part of our lg, had to work the P&G tent at Relay for Life. And of course, we had to show up and support him!

The girls... with Stephen's great photo bomb!

Such a precious group of friends.. I am so, so, SO thankful for each one of them!  And by the way... see Stephen's shirt??  He had to run around getting the most signatures in a set time... and HE WON!!! :))))
And we were so proud!

The following morning, we met up with Casey, Alan, and Landry to go shopping for my first time at our local farmer's market, Inglewood Farms!!  And look what we found there! Chickens!!  Heyyyy, we know you!

They also had PIGS!!!!!!  Wade was looking at me with puppy dog eyes, but I put my foot down.  Absolutely NO pigs in our backyard! :))

The kids loved getting to watch them snort around, though!!

Beautiful Landry!

Needing a closer look...

The kids were all so happy to be in our family photo, haha!!

Beautiful crops, just growing in the sunshine!  Love it!  We had such a wonderful time, buying homemade bread, freshly churned butter, pickled okra, organic beets, spinach, and pork chops.  It cost an arm and a leg, but oh my goodness, was it good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Wadie cooked a big wonderful dinner with it all and we had the Knotts and Amber over to enjoy it!  Friends make life more fun... and somehow company just makes the food taste better, too. :))

And look who was there!!!!!
Happy Easter 2014!

Love my girl!

And my boy! 

Lastly, here are a few quick shots before racing out the door for church the next morning!

Such a wonderful, wonderful life.
Only through Christ could it be this way.
Only through the cross and resurrection could we be given the gift of abundant, wonderful life, 
now and for eternity.
To God be all the glory!
He is my boast, my salvation, the giver of life...
and all things good.


  1. That shirt is so cute on baloo!

    Please get a pig.

  2. I mean, y'all have chickens...why not pigs?!?! Poor Wadie!! Then y'all need goats and cows and horses and roosters and lizards and zebras!! ; )


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