Monday, May 5, 2014

One Incredible Easter!

On April 19, our church held its Annual Easter Egg Hunt in Cottingham Forest!

We always look so forward to it... and this year, there was even a balloon man!! 

LaLa and Jude... and the last picture of Tucker hiding inside Momma!  He became our Easter surprise!!!!!

Our neighbors were even able to come play, which made us so happy!  Here is Brother and Olivia on the big slide!

Our sweet Lifegroup working the cookie decorating station!!  Love love love these people!

Face painting time!

Brother waiting on his Ninja turtle..


KK did such a good job!

Bethany did such a great job on Brother's, too!

Eric sharing the gospel with our little community on Easter Weekend...  such a perfect opportunity to tell others about Jesus!

Unfortunately, Wadie had to work, so I enlisted the help of Beth!  She is SO wonderful at holding and helping with Baby Grant!  I don't know what I would have done without her! Beth, you're the best! (And please notice how carrot-orange Grant's hair is, ha!!)

Time to hunt eggs!

Here we are last year:

And this year!

You know flashbacks are my favorite!  This is our original Easter picture!

And here they are, all lined up in the same order (minus Jackson on the end) 4 years later!

In case you need a few more pictures from the past egg hunts, here's a link to last year's!
This is a quick shot of our church preschoolers!

Love these babies!

Daizy was here to share this Easter with us... and we love her so much already!

Last year....

And this year!!

We missed you, Roni!!!!!  Here we are, saving a space for you!!  :)))

At the risk of making this post being eggstraordinarily long, I'm going to go ahead and post our Easter Sunday pictures, as well! :)) I woke the kids up by jumping on the bed, screaming, "He's alive!!!  He's ALIVE!!  The tomb is empty!!!  Did you hear the great news?!?!?!?  Jesus isn't dead!!!!  HE IS ALIVE!!!!!"  Neither Savannah nor Andrew batted an eye, hahahah!!  Maybe I'm too hyper in the mornings on regular days..?? I then belted out, "Up From the Grave, He Arose!" over and over and over again!  It's tradition!!  And it makes me SOOO happy!!!  That wonderful news makes these three happy, too!!!!!!!!!!! :))

Last year and this one!

Dyl Pickles and Vannie at church!

I love seeing all the little children in their Easter outfits!
In the nursery with our Cal-bug!

Upon arriving at church, we learned that Lauren was in LABOR!!!!  TUCKER would be born on Easter Sunday!!  A miracle baby and born on such a special day... only Jesus!!!  While anxiously awaiting news from the Johnson front, Casey and I watched the babies in the back during church! 

Sweet Landry Girl!

Each year, I insist that we take a family picture..and I'm so glad I do because there is no guarantee I will get another one for the rest of the year, haa! Here we are, beginning on Easter 2010.


(In 2012, Wade was returning home from Alaska and sadly, we didn't get a family picture!)



Happy, Happy Easter from our Poole Party!

That afternoon, we had a special Easter dinner at Jenny's house.. and Kb and Daizy were able to come!!

My contribution to our Easter meal...
Southern Living's Best Carrot Cake, which is also the recipe my mom uses!!  It's perfection.

Walking outside, I saw this.
Daizy had everyone bow their heads and hold hands while she led them in prayer over the food.
What an amazing little girl!

Finally, we got the word that TUCKER WAS BORN!!!!!!  Lauren had a wonderful labor and delivery and after a few hours of family time, our party showed up to welcome him to the world!!  The kids had to stay in the waiting room, but their hugs and smiles and love were sent through us!

We were all SO happy for Eric and Lauren!!!!!

Jenny and Baby Tuck!!

Some sweet scenes::

A 7lb 5oz miracle!

So happy to meet this precious baby!!


For this child, we have prayed...
and he has finally arrived.

 Easter 2014 was a year of miracles! Daizy is here for good, precious Tucker was born, and Wadie was off to celebrate with us!  What an amazing, perfect, LIVING GOD we serve!!!!!  Happy Easter, friends!


  1. 1. There has always been a baloon man. ;)
    2. The kids were so cute on Easter
    3. I was almost crying by the end of this bc I miss everyone so.
    4. Bb is always a good helper.
    5. I think that's everything. Ha!

    Oh. I need that carrot cake.

  2. What a blessed day!!!!! Praise The Lord for His son; our sweet Savior!!! Eric and I were beyond blessed to have our sweet Tucker on Easter Sunday and to celebrate with All if you that day!!! We love you all so very much!!!!!

  3. Okay, Van on Easter is the most adorable thing ever!! She looked like a little princess! So sweet! I love this Poole Party!! And yay for an Easter surprise with Tucker! He's so sweet!!


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