Thursday, May 1, 2014

These Feet Were Made For Walking!

The week before Easter, we took team photos!  Here are a few shots that I sneaked while the photographer worked::

I didn't know if we would make it to this point, but I am so glad we did! We have the sweetest group of girls on the team and getting to know the other moms has been really, really fun!

The Wednesday before Easter, our Lifegroup got together to make 200 Easter pretzel rods for our church's annual Easter egg hunt! Even the boys joined in the fun and tied bows around the pretzels! What eggceptional men!  

Here are the girls making the beautiful, sprinkly Easter rods!

Even Andrew "helped."

The woman behind the scenes.. melting chocolate with an amazing attitude! :))

Tah-dah!!  I wished I had taken the time to shoot a pretty picture of the Easter pretzels, because they really were beautiful!  Kelli had this awesome idea and with the help of the Lifegroup, we finished all 200!

Kelli even made these witty tags! :))

The next morning, we headed to the library for their Easter Egg Hunt!

Sadie and Rylie were off of school and got to come play, too!

Hunting eggs through the library books... SO cute!

It's becoming tradition that Thursdays are Jenny & Lissie catch-up days!  I head over to Jen's after story time and we get to talk all about life and everything in it!  Here is a sweet shot of Uncle Wadie with Judey on our of our Thursday meet-ups!

That night, April 17, our Baby Grant did something amazing...

He was crawling all over the grass, playing with baseballs and finding bugs.

When suddenly, he crawled like Mowgli (just like his sister!) back up to the concrete...


We were soooooo excited and just wanted to watch him do it over and over again!!

What a big, big boy!!

Baby Grant's top teeth also broke through, making this an extra special month!

My beautiful baby, beard and all!!

Because of this momentous occasion, I wanted to post two links to Savannah and Andrew's first steps!  This is why I love blogging!!!!!!
Savannah's First Steps - May 13, 2010

Going back to read those posts make me so so happy... and so so thankful that I've written it down somewhere, because I have to tell you. With 3 kids, the details just get fuzzy, ha!!  

Here is a little snippet of what I wrote on Andrew's post.. and I thought it was a perfect explanation of why these moments are such a big deal, why being a stay-at-hom mom means so much to me. I'll end with this: 

"One of the greatest rewards of being a stay-at-home mom is being the one that gets to see all the "FIRSTS"...  first smile, first word, first foods, first step.  Mothers are CREATED to be see each of these moments!  Those precious "firsts" make all the dirty diapers, spit-up episodes, and dinner time disasters WORTH.EVERY.MINUTE. The hardworking daddies sometimes have to sacrifice watching these things, which can be sad... but it helps to know that their babies are safe and sound  at home with Mommy, knowing that the one other person in the world who loves them just was much as he does is teaching, protecting, caring, nurturing, and completely engaged and focused on THEIR babies. 

 And when they know all of that...  
and STILL get to watch those "firsts"...  now, THAT is truly perfect!!!

Seriously, how sweet is our God that He would let us BOTH experience
 watching our babies take their first step!!!!  Ahhhh!
Lord, we are SO thankful!!!!!

I simply can't describe how it feels when this tiny person,
 that we have taken care of from his very first breath of life,
has developed into a tiny person that can walk.
It's just incredible."


  1. Tell Jenny to get them kids an Easter basket. #wratchett

  2. Hahahahaha. I laughed at their Walmart bags. SO FUNNY! That describes the differences between you and Jenny perfectly - yours are monogrammed from PBK and hers are Walmart bags. OMG I'm giggling. Hahahahahaha!!! So funny!!! And love baby G taking steps!!! AHHHH!!


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