Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Day in the Country...

One bright and sunshiny Saturday, our Poole party headed to the village of Anacoco in order to help Hezzy and Jase get settled into their new home!!  After a couple of hours of unpacking and cleaning, it was time for a break!  We headed outside to pick blueberries and dewberries...

climb fences...

chase bunny rabbits...

...and walk through the pasture, discussing what prairie life was like for little children 100 years ago. Ha!!  We then met the horses!!!!

The kids were so funny!!  They tried to get as far away as possible, but still within reach of the horses.

"Hey, Horseyyyyy!!"

They began giving the horses new names...
this one is Kristoph.

Hello to Queen Elsa!

And Princess Anna!  And do you see that gorgeous pasture?!  I think I would spend EVERY DAY out under one of those trees!!

Grammie, you would have been so proud of these little horse-petters!

In the meantime, Kate snuggled with Grandpa and when we got back to the house, we found her like this...

After a very busy day of cleaning the house and corralling the horses, these two were whipped!
You know it's been a busy and sweet day when you fall asleep like this!
Country living - it's the good life.

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