Friday, June 27, 2014

Last Day of Kindergarten

Remember this post?? The one where Sadie and Rylie began their very first day of kindergarten?? It seems incredibly strange to be sitting here writing about their LAST day of kindergarten, but here we are.. A whole year of reading books, practicing handwriting, learning math facts, and making crafts! On May 20, the girls had their Kindergarten Awards Day to end their school year. And, of course, Aunt Lissie was there with camera in hand!

Beautiful Sadie, all lined up and ready to go!

Mrs. Milliner's class!!

Here is Rylie, waiting for her award!!

Rylie won the Super Hero Award... for always being so super in class!
I had to snap a quick picture of this!! Here are Savannah, Callie, and Andrew at the beginning of the Awards Show....

And here they are an hour later, ha!!! We didn't let them stay laying on the floor... but it WAS funny!!

Sadie's turn!!!

Sadie won the Best Foot Forward Award... for coming to school everyday with a positive, hardworking attitude, ready to put her best foot forward!!

After all the awards were given to each of the kindergarten classes, the P.E. teacher announced that there was one boy and one girl who had outrun all of the other boys and girls in track! She had kept a tally of how many laps each student ran.. and having run over 10 miles in the course of the school year, SADIE SHARBONO won the girl's Kindergarten Top Runner Award!!


The Awards Show ended with the principal announcing the new 2014 class of Buckeye FIRST GRADERS!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!

Here are the sweet twins with their Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Milliner!

One proud Momma with her three girls!

School friend, Reece!!!!

The girls with Abby and Mallorie!

What little women.

The last few pictures of the girls in their first school classroom!

The girls stayed for the rest of the day to enjoy their last school party... and then came home, looking forward to a long, sweet summer of sleepovers, lazy days with Callie and Jude, and visiting with Grammie and Pops (who are currently building right next door!!) and with Hezzy and Jase (who now live only an hour away!!) 

 Praise Jesus for Junes and Julys. :))

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