Thursday, June 19, 2014

May's Memories

On Mother's Day, Baby Grant was dedicated at our sweet church, The Gathering Place!  He was one of 7 other babies that were brought before the church and were prayed over and dedicated to the Lord.  Everyone committed to praying for our children, that they would come to know Christ as their Savior, and living lives that would consistently point and direct our children to Jesus!  What a blessing it is to have a precious church that desires to invest in our children! I am so thankful!
I am also so appreciative of my amazing Wadie who daily leads our family closer to Jesus!
After church, we headed to Nana and Paw's hotel where we could continue celebrating Grant's big day, as well as the remainder of Savannah's birthday weekend!  We ordered pizza and swam all afternoon... what a sweet Sunday!
On Tuesday night, we had one of our very last t-ball games!  While the season was a struggle in the beginning, I am SO glad we stuck it out!  Savannah ended up having a great time, we met lots of sweet girls, and it gave me time to hang out with Jenny, Hezzy - who now lives close enough to get to make little events like t-ball games, ahhhh!!, and our precious Amber, who made it to every game she could!  I told you our church loves to invest in our kids...I think there was someone from our church at every single one of the girls' games! Amazing!

A week or so before Heather and Jason moved to Anacoco, she came to spend the week with us while Jason was in the Bahamas on a mission trip.  Nice. ;)
It was SUCH a fun week... I could do it EVERY week!!  One night, Heather kept the kids so that Wade and I could go on our very first date night without a single baby since Grant was born! Ahhhh!!  What a treat!!  Here are a few pictures she took during bath time!! :))

Kate's curl cracks me up every time!!

Another night, Heather treated us by cooking a Cinco de Mayo meal!  She uses America's Test Kitchen recipes... which you know are the most detailed, time-consuming recipes!  We thoroughly enjoyed her major efforts, though!!!  :))  Everything was just heavenly!

Homemade salsa... beautiful!

We took our plates outside and had a family picnic!!!  :))

 " Aunt Lissie. Put the camera down and bring me my plate!!"

We may need to invest in a bigger picnic table..

THANK YOU, Hezzy, for a most wonderful week!!!  You are incredible and we want you to come back and live with us anytime!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))))
We know that April showers bring May flowers, but what do May flowers bring??
Haaaa!!  Hezzy, that's for you! :))  This year, May ALSO bought lots of good memories..  Savannah turned 5, Grant turned 1, Heather and Jason moved back to Louisiana, and on May 25th, our worlds were changed forever!  We found out that Poole Baby #4 was on the way!!!!!!!!! Our first three babies were surprises, so I guess the trend just had to continue!!  We immediately felt blessed, overwhelmed, excited, and crazy all at the same time!  Haa!!  If there is ANYTHING Wade and I have learned, however, over the past 5 years, it's that God's timing is always impeccably perfect!  There is no greater plan than His... so we will continue to trust Him as we learn how to become a Poole Party of 6!!  And of course, we covet your prayers, your help, and any extra cash you may have coming in . :))  We are so excited about this new chapter coming... and the new baby that has already captured our hearts.


  1. Awww all of you guys at that tiny picnic table! So cute!

    And girl, I am SO excited for you guys as your family grows! You know I am all about the big family! :)

  2. Cuteeeeeee!!!! That food looks so yummy!!!!!


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