Thursday, June 12, 2014

Savannah Turns FIVE - Part 1!

On May 10, 2014, our little Vannie Baby turned FIVE!!! I know, I know.. how can that be?! I started this blog 4 days after Savannah was born in order to document our daily lives together and it's all here..

 from our first vacation with a baby to learning how to feed/clothe/diaper/bathe/discipline a child,
 from watching her perform in her first Christmas musical to hitting the coach's pitch on the t-ball mound, 
and from her gigantic, first birthday party to this simple, sweet fifth birthday party weekend... 

This blog is full of our Poole party memories, beginning with the day Savannah was born and I am so thankful that in the future, Savannah can come back and read how we spent her preschool years.. simply loving, playing and growing together.

To say Savannah was life-changing would be an understatement.  Wade and I  found out she was coming during Hurricane Gustav, only 12 weeks after we were married..  She was such a surprise!!  We had to trust the Lord and His timing... and, of course, it was perfect.  He knew we needed her.

We had a simple celebration with our Lifegroup family!!  Here are a few pictures from the night::
Have you ever seen a more beautiful sight?!

Our Poole Party, a never-ending, always wonderful circus.

Funny faces with Amber and Dylan!

And then the grown-ups (and Van!) needed to play some SPOONS!!!!!  :))

We play hardcore, folks.  If the spoon falls to the floor, you better be willing to put your life on the line to get it!

The following night, we had a t-ball game.. and of course, we had to have cupcakes to celebrate with the team!!

Singing Happy Birthday to Vannie!

Our sweet Southern Belles!

So thankful for all these little cousins who get to celebrate birthdays together!

And to end Part 1 of Savannah's birthday weekend on a funny note, I had to throw this picture in!  Y'all, Wade is the funniest human being alive!  He keeps us rolling!!  After throwing a million cupcakes together in 2 days using whatever we had in the pantry, I had a huge mess to clean up in the kitchen.  I was parched and asked Wade to pleaseeeee bring me the biggest cup of the coldest water!!!!  I was washing dishes when Wade sprang this in front of my face and asked if this would work..
Hahahahaha, I think I cried!!!  I love him!!!!!!

I wanted to go back to my very first post and put the link here: The Party Has Arrived.
Savannah, you are an  incredible girl!  You are our pookie poonyas, our little bucket, our little woman.  We have had the best conversations lately, which constantly reminds me of how grown up you are! You tell me all about how Jesus died on the cross for us, how you are excited about being homeschooled, how you will always be older than your brothers because you were born first.  I love hearing what Callie said in nursery today, how we should never smoke cigarettes like Lucy Ricardo, and how you will wait for Daddy to tell you who you can marry!  Haha, I absolutely love being your mom!!! You changed my life and I consider you and your brothers to be my life's greatest achievements! I am anxiously awaiting the day that you ask Christ into your heart, making Him your God and your Saviour, desiring to pursue and love and serve Him forever.. Know that that is my prayer for you with every beat of my heart.  
I love you so very, very much!!!  Happy 5th Birthday, my darling, darling girl!


  1. Yayyyy those cupcakes look yummy!!! Wadie is so funny!!

  2. Awwwww, sweet Vannie!!!! I seriously cannot believe she is 5?! Didn't we just have her birthday party with big lollipops?! Ahhhhh, time flies!! And Wade - DYING!!!! He is so hilarious!! I love my Pooles!!


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