Monday, August 11, 2014

Grant: "I'm a Big Brother!"

We had a girls night at the beginning of June with some of my most favorite people in the world!!  Some of our lifegroup ladies got together at Copelands in order to support Chris, another member of our lifegroup, who just began working there!!  It's a tough life sometimes, y'all, but somebody has to do it!
Love, love, love these sweet friends!!!!!

One of the greatest things about where we live is our incredible neighbors!!!  Kelli and Troy live right next door and LOVE when the kids come over to visit!  (Except maybe the times when they look up and see peering eyes through the window...but other than that, it's great!) One day, they blew up their pool for lifegroup and asked all the kids over to swim!

LOVE our precious Kel!!

Heather and Jason also drove in because they knew something no one else did... that we would be announcing that Baby Poole #4 was on the way to our whole lifegroup!!

I was soooo excited that they were able to come to help spill the beans!

Amber Woman and Baby Cakes!!

Whatcha lookin at, Willis!?

Baby Grant loves his Kel!

Big Daddy of FOUR!!! :)))

Getting all the kids together to "sing Happy Birthday!"  We baked a cake and wrote "I'm a Big Bro!" on Grant's birthday cake!  Our plan was to have everyone to come together to sing to Grant... where we would  then pull the cover off the cake and make the big reveal!

I apologize for our crazy appearances... we spent the day outside in the humidity by the blow-up pool and by the end of the day, we were just lucky to still be dressed!

Before we sang, we told everyone how much we appreciated them being a part of our family's lives and the time they invest in us!  We then told them we had something else to say... in which we flipped the cake around so everyone could read what it said!!!!

AHHHHH, SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We were sooooo excited to share our news!!!!!  Even though I hadn't been to the doctor yet and had no idea how far along I was, I had to share the news with my family... ALL of them!

We went to the doctor 2 weeks later to find out that I was 11 weeks along and due January 4th!!  We are so thankful for a new baby, a precious blessing and reward from the Lord!  We enjoy our children SO much and are consumed with gratitude that God has given us FOUR priceless gifts!
Baby Grant got a new sibling for his birthday, ha!!!  We love our little redhead so much!  It's been such a fun first year because of his super sweet personality!!  He is usually cheerful, content, and so appreciative of anyone who picks him up, ha!!  We pray that he becomes a mighty man of God, a warrior for His kingdom!  Thank you, Lord, for our sweet Baby Grant!!  He is such a light during our days, making us laugh and smile constantly, and an endless source of pure joy!  There's no one like him and we are so thankful the Lord loaned him to us!  We love you, Baby Grant, so very, very much!!  Happy FIRST Birthdayyyyy!!!


  1. Oh Lissie!!!! What a beautiful blog!!!! Jesus has so blessed you and yours.

  2. Just love this! So happy for you guys and your growing family! :)

  3. YAYYYYYYYYYY for big brother Grant!!!!! And Vannie and Andrew!! WOOHOO for a bigger Poole party on the way!!! I love the cake!

  4. Yay for a new baby! That was such a great night!


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