Friday, August 8, 2014

Grant Turns ONE!

In May, our brother in law, Dusten, graduated from the Louisiana State Police!  (Which is SO helpful to be able to say we have TWO brothers-in-law that are Troopers when we get pulled over... which is NOT often.. not really..well, kinda.) ;))
The Pooles hosted a crawfish boil to celebrate this big accomplishment, so we headed down to Thibodaux for the last weekend in May!  Here is his double-doozy cookie cake!  Did y'all even knew they made such a thing!?! Two layers of cookie cake with frosting in the middle??  Yes, please!!

Karlie and Andrew!

Baby Grant loved his Uncle Earnest!

Since it was so close to Baby Grant's birthday, he even got a little cake and some presents, too!  As well as lots of help opening them, ha!!

My little redhead is one year old!

When we got back home, it was snuggle time with Dad!!  I loved all of these and had to post them all. :))

And what did Baby Grant get for dinner on his first birthday??  RIBS!

He warmed up his appetite with a little Iphone...

And then dug into Daddy's amazing ribs!  Ha!!

So thankful that Wadie is such a good cook!!  We will be training up our boys to learn how to do the same!

W.P.'s signature in his signature sauce! ;))

It was also this very day that I had a migraine in the morning... which clued me in that I might need to take a pregnancy test!  AND it was immediately positive, letting us know that Baby Poole #4 was on the way!!  That post coming next!! :))


  1. Aww celebrating your baby's first birthday AND finding out you're pregnant in the same day! I love it! Wade's signature in his signature sauce is so classy. Next time we're down there, I full expect Wade to cook something up amazing for us. ;)

  2. OMG G chowing down on ribs is so adorable!!! What a perfect first birthday meal!!!


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