Thursday, July 24, 2014

Last Game of the Season

Savannah was the catcher for our very last t-ball game!!  We thought there would be two more games, but sadly, both were rained out... so Vannie was picked to be catcher for what would turn out to be their last game!  
We were so excited... and Van as thrilled that she finally had a job to do besides spinning circles in the outfield, ha!

She did such a good job!!

We laughed the whole season about how small Vannie looked under that helmet!!  Goodness!

Grammie and Pops also got to make their very last game, which was such a treat!!

My last picture of Savannah playing t-ball!!  So thankful for the experience, so thankful we made new friends, and so thankful we will have a little break before next season starts!  Haha!!  I'm not sure if Savannah will play again next year... but I have a little boy who is counting down the days until he can play!!! :))

The Southern Belles with their Pops and Grammie!
We ended up being first in our league..
 First of three teams, whoooo hoooo!!  Hahaaa! 
We were so proud of our little girls who took us out to the ballgame twice a week...
and make us so happy seven days a week. :))

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