Monday, August 18, 2014

Jude's First Birthday!

Jen and Nathan's baby, Jude, was born just 12 days after Grant!!  I can see lots of summer camp outs happening for these boys' birthdays in the future...but this year, we had a spur-of-the-moment crawfish boil celebration for our little Judey!

You may be a redneck if:
You make a pool out of an ice chest! ;)

Just training up the children in the (Cajun) way they should go:

Andrew's face, hahaaa!!  Look at Sadie, being so brave!

Of course, everyone had a have a turn holding one of the red bugs...

We upgraded from the ice chest when our neighbors came over with their blow-up pool!  These kids were ECSTATIC!!!

Our one-year olds!!

More of our precious friends came over to play!

Peeling their own crawfish... now that's impressive!!

Judey -before his big boy haircut!

I love our little group!!

And then it was birthday cake time!!

Get itttt, Judey!!

Hahaa, happy boy!!

Sister Sadie is always a big help... especially where there's cake around! :))
It's SO fun having family so close where we all celebrate not just birthdays, but the day-to-days together!  I am so thankful for Jude and how he and Grant will get to grow up so close in age, getting to play and learn and mature together!  They are twin cousins and I'm soooo excited about their futures together! :))  Happy First Birthday, Judeyyyyy!!!  Aunt Lissie loves you so so much!


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  2. Aww happy birthday to Jude! All those sweet babies! Maybe I should reconsider moving down there closer to all of you guys... it all looks like so much fun! :)

  3. Hahahaha - that last picture of Jude is SO funny!!! I can't believe he is one! Where does the time go?!


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