Monday, August 18, 2014

Mr. & Mrs. Hensgens

So I just discovered how to take my iPhone pictures off of my phone and add them to the blog!!!  Welcome to the 21st century 14 years late, Lis!!  :)))  I'm so excited to share some of these pictures I found on my phone from earlier this summer!

Here is Baby Grant and me at the splash pad!!  Wade was standing behind me and snapped this... and I absolutely loved it!!

Savannah's official t-ball picture!!  How adorable is she?!

Three little amigos romping around the yard! They all look SO happy.. which makes ME so happy!! :))

For our precious Allyson Collins, we had a Bridal Brunch the week before her wedding! The spread was beautiful!!!

Such an amazing platter of fruit!!!!

Precious Sadie with the Cheesy Grits!!

The little hams driving around the living room!  Can't wait to see this again in 20 years!! :))

On June 13, we had the Rehearsal Dinner for Allyson and Heath's wedding!  All of our children were participating in the wedding and on Friday night, it was time to practice!!

The little flower girls and ring-bearer!

Handsome little man.

One of my most favorite pictures from the day!!!

These are all the sweetest facial expressions of Al coming down the aisle.. PRECIOUS!

Mr. and Mrs. Hensgens-to-be-TOMORROW!

And then it was play in the grass time!

Last speech before the big day!!!  What a special night to be a part of!!

I know I could probably break this up into two posts, but I want to have all this goodness in the same place!
Here is my Baby Grant, getting ready for the wedding!!

Mom and Dad got to come in for the day, too!!

Brother Bear was a little nervous and needed a few extra hugs and kisses!

All the flower girls! (Minus Landry!)  How sweet are they?!

This was the very last picture my camera took before it completely crashed and burned! :((((  I was devastated since this was the wedding of the YEAR, but I broke out my iPhone and snapped a few more pictures!  My camera is still not fixed, so a lot of my upcoming posts (to the beach and to the mountains!) are all NOT great quality, but it was the best I could do! :/

Exchanging rings...

Family and friends praying over the newlyweds:

Worshiping through song.. AMAZING!


Andddddd it's official!!!!!

MR. & MRS!!!!

At the reception, the tablescapes were just AMAZING!

Brother and Sister!

Such a stunning bride!!

Pops and Grant entertained themselves with a bottle of water and a straw! :))

Another one of my favorites!!!

Again, the quality isn't the best..
but the picture sure is!!
LOVE this!!

We were all so appreciative to get to be a part of the Hensgens wedding!  It was exactly what a wedding should be - Godly, beautiful, and a dream come true.. and I know their entire marriage will reflect this blissful day!!  Thank you, Jesus, for our most favorite Hensgens couple in the world! :))


  1. I love balookies Mickey shirt!!!!!
    They were all so cute for the wedding!!!! Sad we missed it.

    Also, where's the post about my visit????

  2. What a sweet sweet wedding!!! I love Van's dress at the rehearsal. So cute!! And you look beautiful in yellow!!

  3. My little flower girl didn't make it down the isle. I love all the pictures! That was such a beautiful wedding!


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