Monday, August 25, 2014

TGP Music Camp 2014!

This year, our church's Music Camp was home to 30 preschoolers who came to sing, make crafts, play games, eat snacks, and learn about Jesus!  We had to miss the final performance on Friday in order to get on the road for GATLINBURG (ahhhh!!!), but we were able to see the last run-through before the big night!!  Andrew and Callie are on the front row (Callie in white and Andrew in red and white stripes!) and the three big girls are right behind them!

The theme was Space Camp and I worked in crafts with my sweet friend, Jessica!!  We used most of the kids crafts as decorations for the performance..  The stars and planet in the background were made by these little children!

Singing their hearts out!

Here are the rocket ships and baby astronauts... so cute!

Astronaut Andrew!

Astronaut Vannie!

All of the kids were so adorable and did such a good job all week!  Savannah and Andrew came home everyday telling me that: "Jesus was born as a babyyyy... He grew tall and strongggg...  He died on the crosssss... and if you believe in Him, you will live with Him foreverrrrr!!" Hahaa, Aunt Jen taught them the Gospel so well during Missions Time and we are still hearing about it to this day, hand motions and all!!  I'm praying that each time we go over it, it gets pressed into their hearts more and more until one day they accept Jesus into their own hearts, recognizing that He died for them and personally offers them eternal life with Him!  So thankful for our sweet church and the amazing people who invest in the kids to teach them more about our incredible God!


  1. So so love the pictures and prayers for your children to love Jesus. Oh just think when they read that one day and know you were praying for them !! Praise God. !! Love mom

  2. All of the crafts are so stinking cute!! I want to come to music camp!


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